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A2 Flight Controller

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The powerful DJI A2 Flight Controller comes with all the parts you'll need to stabilize your craft as well as extra features that will make your life easier. The built-in DR16 receiver in the A2 has a built-in 2.4Ghz radio technology in the form of the DESST receiver system (DJI Enhanced Spread Spectrum Technology), which supports the Futaba FASST series of transmitters. This unit also comes with the GPS-Compass Pro Module. This new module comes with a new high gain and high performance right-handed circular polarized (RHCP) antenna. This antenna has a low noise anti-interference front end RF design. These features all work in tandem to increase position locking with GPS. The A2 has an upgraded high sensitivity IMU module that provides you with high accuracy, large measuring range, and comes with a unique damping design and calibration algorithm. With it's built-in dampening system you can simply attach it to your craft. The A2 utilizes a full metal case design and takes advantage of high quality components to provide precisely calibrated readings.

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