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ABM-200 Airflow & Environmental Meter

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The original ABM-100 was the first of a series of tools that connected to smart devices and were designed for the HVAC industry. The airflow balancing meter converted air speed into air volume and then recorded the data.

The ABM-200 has all of the features and functions of the ABM-100 plus it measures Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure to provide:

  •  Dry Bulb Temperature 
  •  Wet Bulb Temperature
  •  Relative Humidity
  •  Dew Point
  •  Barometric Pressure
  •  Air Density
  •  Wind Speed/Direction/Gusts
  •  Stores and Sends Reports
 And it is wireless for hands-free operation.

    Comes with:

    • ABM Wind Meter

    Works with:

    • All Apple iPhones 4S or newer & iPads Generation 3 or newer operating on iOS 6.0 or newer. All Bluetooth Smart compatible Android phones & tablets with operating system 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or newer. For a list of compatible Android phones please visit

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