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Filter 3-Pack for Inspire 1 / Osmo (Zenmuse X3)

$ 69.99

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Maximize the potential of your Zenmuse X3 camera with this 3-Pack Filter set from Polar Pro. Included are three filters to help battle against the brightest of sunlight no matter where you are. 

Comes With:

  • 1x Circular Polarizer (CP) Filter
  • 1x 3-Stop Neutral Density (ND) Filter
  • 1x 4-Stop Neutral Density (ND) Filter

The Circular Polarizer is great for low to medium intensity light. It helps reduce glare from harsh light and adds more contrast to your photos or video.

The 3-Stop ND Filter goes even above the CP in battling against harsh light.

The 4-Stop ND Filter is for when you're flying in absolutely harsh daylight and need to reduce the amount of light entering into the camera.

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