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Filter 6-Pack for Inspire 1 / Osmo (Zenmuse X3)

$ 149.99

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Keep a 6-Pack of Filters from Polar Pro with your drone kit and you'll be able to consistently capture great footage outdoors. Many times when the sun is out glaring down too brightly, it can negatively impact the videos and photos we capture. By using one of the six filters that Polar Pro makes, you can help reduce the amount of light that gets to your camera's sensor. Another added benefit of reducing the total amount of light needed, is it can also give you some more creative control. 

Comes With:

  • 1x Circular Polarizer
  • 1x 3-Stop Neutal Density Filter
  • 1x 4-Stop Neutal Density Filter
  • 1x 5-Stop Neutal Density Filter
  • 1x 3-Stop Neutal Density Filter + Polarizer
  • 1x 4-Stop Neutal Density Filter + Polarizer
  • Custom Filter Case

The Circular Polarizer enhances your by reducing the amount of glare that gets picked up by the camera. This causes greens and blues to pop with much more saturation and deep color. Great for use with low light.

The 3-Stop Neutral Density Filter is great to use during the day under medium light conditions.

Both the 4-Stop and 5-Stop Neutral Density Filters will give you increased amounts of light reduction. By reducing the amount of light coming into your camera's sensor, you help prevent colors from being washed out. The 5-Stop Neutral Density Filter is ideal under extremely bright situations.

The 3-Stop and 4-Stop Neutral Density Filter with Polarizer combine the convenience of the Polarizer filter along with the benefits of the Neutral Density Filters.

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