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Guidance System

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The DJI Guidance system is a highly sophisticated set of sensors that detects any obstacle that the drone cannot fly through or into, even while flying at full speed. A series of five sensing modules continuously feed data into a central processing board,  enabling your platform to use this data in real time and even export  environmental data via the DJI SDK.

Guidance can indicate to your flight system to slow down and avoid collision with the obstacle. The Guidance system can also act similarly to the DJI Vision Positioning system thanks to its sensors that point towards the ground. So even when indoors without GPS, you can still be in control of your craft. By partnering the DJI Guidance with the Matrice 100 and DJI Onboard SDK, your imagination is the limit. The DJI SDK allows for multiple interfaces and customized applications.

These new tools enable developers, researchers and flight enthusiasts to create  solutions that were never before possible. Shape the world around you with the  Matrice 100 and Guidance, and show everyone what you can create.

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