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DJI Mavic Pro NDVI AG Kit

$ 3,995.00

NDVI - High Precision Single Sensor

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The Sentera NDVI upgrade transforms the DJI Mavic Pro into a powerful precision agriculture scouting tool. 


Weighing in at 30 grams, the Sentera NDVI sensor features a global shutter for distortion-free near-infrared (NIR) images used to produce accurate normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and normalized difference red edge (NDRE) crop health maps. Combined with the Mavic's high-resolution 4K 12-megapixel RGB sensor a grower can quickly scout a plot of land to identify plant stress and deficiencies before they become critical enabling them to increase crop yields.

Kit Includes: 
1x Mavic Pro
1x Sentera NDVI Single Sensor Upgrade Kit Installed
1x One year activation for AGVault NDVI Analysis Desktop Software

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