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FLIR Vue Pro Thermal Bundle w/Free Travel Case (For Phantom 4 Pro & Advance)

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$ 3,597.99

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The Dronefly FLIR Vue Pro Thermal Bundle is the ultimate low-cost thermal solution. 

Get the amazing performance and reliability of DJI's Phantom 4 Pro with a gimbal-stabilized thermal camera, it's the best of both worlds! We've held off on offering a thermal solution at this price point simply to make sure we are giving our customers the quality you deserve.

This kit installs very easily to the Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced drones, and does not draw power from your DJI flight battery.

  • 1x DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone
  • 1x Phantom Series Tough Case
  • 1x FLIR Vue Pro P4 Touch Standard Upgrade Kit
  • 1x FLIR Vue Pro 3-Axis Gimbal
  • 1x Touchscreen Remote Controller
  • 1x Phantom 4 Pro/Adv Gimbal Mount with mounting hardware
  • 4x Phantom 4 Pro/Adv Leg Risers
  • 4x 9V 600 mAH Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1x Dual 9V Battery Charger
  • 1x Flysight Black Pearl Monitor with Accessories
  • 1x Black Pearl Dual Monitor Mount

  • Radio frequency: 900mhz
  • + Communication range: up to 9 miles
  • Camera/Gimbal battery duration: 25-30 minutes per charge (which outlasts the flight time of the drone itself)
  • Controller battery duration: 2+ hours per charge
  • Gimbal: 2-axis gimbal, with tilt and roll
  • Camera/Gimbal weight with everything (and camera): 390 grams
  • Controller weight with battery: 200 grams.
  • Flight time of Phantom 4 loaded with VuIR Touch P4 and Vue Pro: 15-17 minutes.
  • Recommended for FLIR Vue Pro with lens size up to 19mm.
  • Built-in video downlink:
  • + Frequencies: 5.8ghz
  • + Power: 600mw
  • + Video Range: about 1 - 2 miles LOS (line of sight).

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