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Ronin-M - Production Bundle

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Our Production Bundle for the DJI Ronin-M is meant for those needing to capture video for long periods of time, without needing to be changing the battery constantly. By including high-capacity batteries, we make sure you worry about filming and not changing the battery.

The Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer from DJI is a camera stabilization system designed to give the operator close to the freedom of unencumbered handheld shooting but without the hand-shake. Suitable for most camera types and configurations up to 8 pounds, the Ronin-M uses brushless motors that work on three axes.

This product includes the following item(s):
- DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
- Ronin-M Transmitter (Controller)
- 2 Intelligent Batteries for Ronin-M (1580mAh)
- 2 Intelligent Batteries for Ronin-M (3400mAh)
- Battery Charger for Ronin-M Battery (1580mAh)
- 2 Battery Chargers for Ronin-M Battery (3400mAh)
- Handle Bar
- Tuning Stand
- Cable Pack
- Micro-USB Cable
- Camera Mounting Plate
- 2 Camera Screw A (1/4"-20)
- 2 Camera Screw B (3/8"-16)
- 2 Camera Screw C (1/4"-20)
- 2 Camera Screw D (3/8"-16)
- Lens Support Screw
- Lens Support
- 3 Allen Wrenches

Optional Upgrades Not Included In the Standard Bundle:
- DJI Focus
- DJI Thumb Controller
- HD Connex
- DJI Power Battery Distributor

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