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Sentera Matrice 200 AGX710 Sensor

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Gain actionable crop information quickly and easily with the AGX710 sensor from Sentera.

As an Agricultural Professional, you need fast and accurate crop and field performance data. The AGX710 Sensor is a plug-and-play, gimbal-stabilized sensor made specifically for crop analysis.

Sentera and DJI collaborated to develop the AGX710 gimbaled precision agriculture sensor and Payload SDK in parallel, meaning you don’t have to worry about costly integrations or malfunctioning software.

The AGX710 works with the entire Matrice 200 Series lineup, meaning I can be attached to a Matrice 210 with a Zenmuse XT or Zenmuse XT2 to capture NIR, RGB, NDVI, and thermal imagery all in a single pass!

AGX710 data is fully compatible with Sentera FieldAgent™ analytics tools, reporting, and API integrations. And, every AGX710 includes a 12-month subscription to FieldAgent, offering you the best combination of connected and connectionless imaging and analytics capabilities!

  • Sensor Configuration:12.3MP BSI CMOS
  • Spectral Configurations:
  • RGB + NDVI | NDVI: Red (625nm), NIR (850nm)
  • RGB + NDRE | NDRE: Red Edge (720nm), NIR (840nm)
  • Multispectral | Blue (446nm), Green (548nm), Red (650nm), Red Edge (720nm), NIR (840nm)
  • Size: 3.50” x 3.46” x 3.86” (89mm x 88mm x 98mm)
  • Weight: 270 grams
  • Power: 10W typical / 16W maximum
  • Image Format: Stills: JPEG | Video: MP4
  • Field of View: 60° HFOV (4K Stills / Video) 1080p ranges 30° – 60° HFOV
  • Data Capture: 12.3MP Stills, 4K Ultra HD video @ 30fps 1080p/720p Video
  • Gimbal Specs:
  • Mount: Detachable
  • Controllable Range: Tilt: 0° to -90°, Pan 0°; Roll 0°
  • Mechanical Range: Tilt: +25° to -115°, Pan 0°; Roll +40°
  • Max Controllable Speed: 50°/s
  • Storage: 64GB Micro SD card
  • Flight Endurance:
  • M200 & AGX710: 35 Minutes
  • M210 & AGX710 + XT Thermal: 28 Minutes
  • Mapping Efficiency:
  • QuickTile™ Map: 500 acres typical
  • Orthomosaic Map: 150 acres typical
  • Ground Sample Distance: 3.5cm
  • FieldAgent Platform:Seamless integration — AGX710 imagery is compatible with analytics around stand and emergence, variability, biomass, nutrition, pest, weed, & disease

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