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So You Want to Create Maps Using Drones?

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If you have ever wanted to create maps while flying your drone, this is the book for you. This book is written in the form of a guide for users who are new to Photogrammetry, and helps users by offering solutions. The book explains in an easy to understand language, provided concepts, techniques for photogrammerty. The book is not intended as a complete "do-it-yourself" guide, but after reading it, you get a good sense about what hardware and software parts you will need to assemble a drone system on your own. Or if you have the funds, simply purchase a commercial product and follow the steps laid out in the book to design your application. Towards that end, you will find the survey of industrial leaders of environmental drone applications particularly useful.

Furthermore, the author of the book is Kike Calvo, who is an experienced National Geographic Creative photographer. The explanation of technical jargons is based on his own experience and interviews with his colleagues. Some of the questions and answers are included in the book. These are questions you probably would have and Calvo has already got expert answers for you. I find this style of writing quite effective,injecting liveness into what otherwise could be dry reading.UAV photogrammetry is not just about obtaining pretty pictures. To realize its potential you must "georeference" the pictures, produce an "orthomosaic", and make "3D point clouds". Read the book to find out what all these mean, and much more.

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