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Vue Pro - 640 Fast Frame Rate 30Hz Thermal Camera [Radiometric Available]

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Did you know? Dronefly is an authorized FLIR distributor & Dronefly Enterprise distributor. Dronefly stocks on hand, ready to ship almost every DJI Zenmuse XT thermal camera variation (336 & 640 frame rate, 9HZ & 30HZ, radiometric & performance, 9MM, 13MM & 19MM).

The FLIR Vue Pro is designed for professional use and adds a tremendous amount of value to your sUAS operations and services. This thermal camera has industry-leading thermal imaging quality with full data recording of thermal video and 14-bit still imagery. Users are given in-flight control of two camera functions through direct PWM connections. Its future MAVLink compatibility will make the FLIR Vue Pro ready for easy image stitching, which is required for mapping, survey, and precision agriculture applications. The FLIR Vue Pro is Pix4Dmapper compatible right out of the box. Pre-flight camera set-up and configuration are done easily through a convenient mobile app. You can forget about having to drag a laptop on-site in case camera settings need to be adjusted.

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Thermal Camera

The FLIR Vue Pro takes drone thermal imaging and data recording to new heights. It is more than just a thermal camera; it is a thermal camera, thermal measurement instrument, and data recorder that adds tremendous value to your sUAS operations and services. FLIR Vue Pro uses FLIR Vue's popular and convenient power-in/video-out connection over a 10-pin mini-USB making integration a snap, and ensuring that you'll have easy access to analog video for downlinking. 

  • FPA/Digital Video Display Format: 640 x 512
  • Spectral Band: 7.5 - 13.5 μm
  • Full Frame Rate: 30 Hz (NTSC); 25 Hz (PAL)
  • Video Formats: MJPEG or H.264
  • Digital Zoom: 2x, 4x, 8x Zoom
  • Lens Options: 9mm, 13mm, 19mm

FLIR Vue Pro Export

FLIR Vue and Vue Pro uncooled thermal imaging cameras operating at 30Hz (NTSC), or 25Hz (PAL) with a resolution of up to 640x512 are export-controlled by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Validated export licenses must be obtained from the U.S. Department of Commerce prior to export or re-export of such devices outside of the United States. FLIR employs a team of trade compliance professionals that understand the export rules and regulations, and can assist our customers with their export questions and issues. In circumstances whereby FLIR delivers a camera to a customer in the U.S. who intends to export or re-export the FLIR camera outside of the United States, whether or not the camera is integrated into another product, it is the customer’s responsibility to apply for the required export license from the appropriate department of the U.S. government. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

Note that there are several countries to which the export of thermal imaging cameras is prohibited under any circumstances, regardless of the camera resolution or video update rate. These countries are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria, Crimea – Region of Ukraine, and the Russian Industry Sector. Export policies governing the export of thermal imaging cameras are established by the U.S. government, and in order to comply with the policy requirements, FLIR in turn must ensure that its customers agree to these conditions.

*Full-Rate FLIR Vue / Vue Pro Thermal Video Cameras

The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is 6A003.b.4.b for FLIR Vue and Vue Pro cameras operating at 30Hz (NTSC), or 25Hz (PAL). Two forms are required in order for FLIR to apply to the Department of Commerce for the purpose of obtaining a validated export license for full-rate video thermal imaging cameras with 640x512 or lower resolution: a BIS-711; and FLIR’s Transaction Information form. Also refer to the FLIR Export Fact Sheet for FLIR Vue and Vue Pro, 640 and 336. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the export status of FLIR’s OEM products to

*Slow-Rate FLIR Vue / Vue Pro Thermal Video Cameras

ECCN 6A003.b.4.b (see Full-Rate Thermal Video, above) does not control imaging cameras having a maximum video update rate equal to or less than 9 Hz. The ECCN for ≤ 9Hz (slow-video) thermal cameras is 6A993. Thermal imaging cameras with video update rates ≤ 9Hz may be exported outside of the United States without an export license, except to the embargoed countries Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea – Region of Ukraine, and the Russian Industry Sector. However, under no circumstances can thermal imaging cameras be used in the design, development, production, or use of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, regardless of frame rate.

FLIR offers Vue and Vue Pro, 640 and 336 thermal imaging cameras in slow-rate video (≤ 9Hz) versions. For NTSC, the slow video update rate is 7.5Hz, and for PAL, the slow video update rate is 8.3Hz.

The only requirement imposed by the U.S. government is to collect certain information for cameras shipped outside the U.S. To comply with this requirement, FLIR processes a Transaction Information form for sales of slow video cameras. Also refer to the FLIR Export Fact Sheet for FLIR Vue and Vue Pro, 640 and 336. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the export status of FLIR’s OEM products

    • Thermal Camera
    • Camera Mount
    • Bench Cable
    • MicroSD Card
    • Accessory Cable

Model Number: Vue Pro 640       

Thermal Imager: Uncooled VOx Microbolometer

Resolution: 640 × 512

Lens Options (FOV for Full-Sensor Digital Output)

      • 9 mm; 69° × 56°
      • 13 mm; 45° × 37°
      • 19 mm; 32° × 26°    

Lens Options*(FOV for NTSC Analog Output)

      • 9 mm; 62° × 49°
      • 13 mm; 45° × 35°
      • 19 mm; 32° × 24°    

Spectral Band: 7.5 - 13.5 μm

Full Frame Rates: 30 Hz (NTSC); 25 Hz (PAL)

US only, not for Export

Exportable Frame Rates: 7.5 Hz (NTSC); 8.3 Hz (PAL)

Physical Attributes

Size: 2.48" × 1.75" x 1.75" (63 × 44.4 x 44.4 mm) (including lens)

Weight: 3.25-4 oz (92.1 – 113.4 g) (configuration dependent)

Precision Mounting Holes:

      • Two M2x0.4 on each of two sides & bottom
      • One 1/4-20 threaded hole on top

Image Processing & Display Controls

Image Optimization for sUAS: Yes

Digital Detail Enhancement: Yes - Adjustable in App

Scene Presets & Image Processing?   Yes - Adjustable in App

Invertable Image? Yes - Adjustable in App

Color Palettes: Yes - Adjustable in App and via PWM

Zoom:Yes - Adjustable in App and via PWM


Input Voltage: 4.8 - 6.0 VDC

Power Dissipation (peak): 2.1 W (3.9 W)         


Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +50°C

Non-Operating Temperature Range:    -55°C to +95°C

Operational Altitude: +40,000 feet

Power/Video Module (Optional Accessory) **

Input Power Range: 5 VDC – 28 VDC

Reverse Polarity Protection? Yes

Analog Video Output? Yes

* Because the analog video output resolutions (640 × 480 and 320 × 240, respectively) are less than the full sensor resolution captured when saving digital stills and video, their resultant fields of view are slightly smaller as well. Both sets of values are shown here to allow operators the option of choosing the FOVs that most accurately reflect their pre-flight planning requirements.

** Note: The HDMI output is not intended for use to drive a television or display. The micro-HDMI connector outputs HDMI video for live digital video downlink systems like DJI Lightbridge and 3DR Solo.

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