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senseFly eBee X Pitot Kit

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senseFly eBee X Pitot Kit


senseFly eBee X Pitot Kit

Quick Overview

  • Replacement part for eBee X

  • Easy replacement

  • Necessary for autopilot functionality

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Price: $90.00
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The Pitot Tube is used by the eBee X to measure wind speed and direction for course correction as well as landing optimization. Dust and moisture can affect the functionality of this part.

Replacing the Pitot Tube on the eBee X is simple: remove two screws, pop out the tube, and replace. This design is a vast improvement to previous iterations of the Pitot tube, formerly requiring the whole aircraft to be sent to senseFly for a complete tear-down for replacement.

  • 1x Replacement Pitot Tube
  • Senses wind speed & direction