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Sentera AGX710

Fully Integrated Agricultural Sensors

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Watch and Learn About The Sentera AGX710

We understand that deciding which commercial drone solution is right for your organization isn't as simple as just picking one from a hat. That's why we want to give you the tools to help you make an informed decision. Check out the videos and info below to learn more about the AGX710, and if you still need some guidance, our experts are available to compare options M-F 7AM - 5PM PST

Introducing the AGX710

The Sentera AGX710 is a gimballed agriculture sensor made specifically for the DJI Matrice 200 series. Using DJI's SkyPort PSDK technology, the AGX710 is a fully integrated, plug-and-play solution that comes in multiple variants to fit the specific needs of each operator.

Compatible with Sentera Field Agent

The AGX710 and Matrice 200 Series are fully compatible with Sentera Field Agent analytics tools, reporting, and API integrations. In addition to being fully compatible, a 12-month subscription to field agent is included with every AGX710!

More About The AGX710

The AGX710 is available in 3 variants: RGB & NDVI, NDVI & NDRE, and 5-band multispectral. This means there's a specific option available for every operation to capture crop data and develop high-precision spectral index measurements, as well as run deep learning algorithms.

For service providers serving multiple agricultural clients, Sentera has made gimbal capable of swapping payloads. Different clients will have different needs, and the AGX710 sensors can be purchased separately from the gimbal and swapped in and out depending on what the situation calls for.

With the AGX710 it is possible to view NDVI data in real-time as the drone is in flight via Sentera's LiveNDVI, reducing reaction time for crops in dire need of assistance. The imagery captured with the AGX710 is compatible with many analytics such as stand & emergence, biomass, nutrition, pest, weed, and disease detection.