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Silver Star Matrice 300 Maintenance Service

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Silver Star Matrice 300 Maintenance Service


Silver Star Matrice 300 Maintenance Service

Quick Overview

  • Professional Maintenance and Inspection For The Matrice 300 RTK

  • Preventative Care To Protect Your Craft

  • Inspection and Cleaning

  • Prompt Returns

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The repair service price does not include the cost of parts necessary to repair your drone. If there are parts necessary to complete the repair of your drone, you will be invoiced separately.

Price: $299.00


The DJI Matrice 300 RTK is a technologically advanced drone that delivers centimeter-level precision, great transmission ranges, diverse payload configurations, and more. Regular, professional maintenance is required to ensure that your M300 is operating properly. By using Dronefly’s Silver Star Maintenance Plan, you ensure that your craft is operating at its peak ability.

The Silver Star Maintenance Plan includes multiple inspection and maintenance services including the following: FPV camera calibration, compass, and IMU calibration; frame inspection, motor inspection and cleaning, and more. Once these services are completed, our technicians put the craft through a full flight and picture test. When our experienced and trained technicians are confident that your Matrice 300 RTK is fully operational, they ship the craft back to you.

Dronefly’s Silver Star Maintenance Plan can extend the life of your Matrice 300 RTK and protect your investment.

*Turn Around Time Subject To Change

We do not fix water damage or flyaway units.

Please do not ship us damaged lipo batteries.
Customers will be charged a disposal fee of $25 per damaged battery.

Dronefly cannot be held responsible for any future issues or parts that may fail.

Remote Controllers and Gimbals cameras are not repairable with this service. We can only replace the gimbal camera units and remote controllers.

We DO NOT accept outside parts or parts provided by customers.

Any modified remotes will not be used for our final test flight. We will also not be held liable for any crashes.

Any approved or pre-approved repair service is non-refundable.

By sending Dronefly your craft for service and repairs, you pre-approve a charge of up to $400 for repairs without additional authorization. Any repairs that will cost over $400 dollars will need to be approved by the customer.
If the customer decides they do not want their drone repaired after a diagnosis, the service fee will be adjusted as follows:

  • Dronefly Repair Refund is adjusted to $50 if customer declines repair after drone has been diagnosed. (Includes return shipping cost to domestic 48 states)
  • Dronefly Repair Refund is adjusted to $100 plus shipping of old drone if the customer declines repair but opts to purchase a new drone.
  • Dronefly Repair Refund is adjusted to $100 when old drone is abandoned and customer declines repair but opts to purchase a new drone
  • Dronefly Repair Refund for water damage or flyaway is adjusted to $50. (Includes return shipping cost to U.S continental 48 states)

The final repair balance must be paid by the customer within 14 days of completing the repair.

If the repair invoice is not paid, within 14 days, the product will be considered abandoned. We reserve the right to maintain possession of abandoned products and will not be able to refund the service fee.

Once a repaired product is shipped back and received by the customer, all claims must be made within 7 days of receiving the item.

By purchasing this repair service, you agree to these terms. This service is for customers in the USA only.

Please click to download our Repair Service Form. For a quick and painless repair, please read and complete the form before including it in the box with your broken drone.

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