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Silver Star Matrice 300 Maintenance Service

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Silver Star Matrice 300 Maintenance Service


Silver Star Matrice 300 Maintenance Service

Quick Overview

  • Professional Maintenance and Inspection For The Matrice 300 RTK

  • Preventative Care To Protect Your Craft

  • Inspection and Cleaning

  • Prompt Returns

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The DJI Matrice 300 RTK is a technologically advanced drone that delivers centimeter-level precision, great transmission ranges, diverse payload configurations, and more. Regular, professional maintenance is required to ensure that your M300 is operating properly. By using Dronefly’s Silver Star Maintenance Plan, you ensure that your craft is operating at its peak ability.

The Silver Star Maintenance Plan includes multiple inspection and maintenance services including the following: FPV camera calibration, compass, and IMU calibration; frame inspection, motor inspection and cleaning, and more. Once these services are completed, our technicians put the craft through a full flight and picture test. When our experienced and trained technicians are confident that your Matrice 300 RTK is fully operational, they ship the craft back to you.

Dronefly’s Silver Star Maintenance Plan can extend the life of your Matrice 300 RTK and protect your investment.

*Turn Around Time Subject To Change

  • FPV Camera Calibration
  • Compass Calibration
  • Vision Sensor Calibration
  • Stress Crack Inspection
  • Central Frame Inspection and Maintenance
  • Aircraft Firmware Update
  • Aircraft Full Cleaning
  • Central Component IMU Inspection and Calibration
  • Motor Inspection and Cleaning
  • Electronic Speed Controller Inspection
  • Remote Control Firmware Update
  • Humidity and Water Seal Inspection
  • RTK and Ground Station Inspection and Test (As Required)
  • Battery Update & Test
  • Full Flight Test
  • Camera Video and Picture Test