T-Motor U8 170KV Motor

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  • Patented Locking Technology: Innovative design eliminating the need for circlips, securing the motor's shaft with just two screws for ease and efficiency.
  • Advanced Hollow Design: Lightweight construction with enhanced heat dissipation, extending motor life and reducing weight.
  • Lower Noise with Larger Bearings: Specially designed larger bearings for disc type motors, reducing stress and noise, perfect for a smoother and quieter flight experience.
  • Precision Windings and High-Quality Materials: Utilizes precision winding techniques and high-standard silicon steel sheets for tighter coil fitting, reduced heat, and increased efficiency at 18g/w at 50% throttle.

Experience a new level of aerial efficiency with the T-Motor U8 170KV, featuring an innovative locking method that eliminates the need for circlips. Secure the motor's shaft easily with just two screws. The motor's lightweight hollow design not only reduces overall weight but also promotes better heat dissipation, extending motor life and ensuring optimal performance.

Key Features:

  • Patented Technology: Simplified shaft securing with an innovative two-screw locking method.
  • Optimized Heat Dissipation: Unique hollow design for effective cooling, prolonging motor lifespan.
  • Larger Bearings for Quiet Operation: Designed with larger bearings to minimize noise, vibrations, and stress at lower RPMs, providing a smoother and quieter flight experience.
  • Exceptional Efficiency: Achieving an impressive efficiency of 18g/w at 50% throttle, double that of comparable motors.
  • Precision Windings with High-Quality Materials: Utilizes high-standard silicon steel sheets and precision winding techniques, ensuring tight coil fitting, reduced heat, and minimal eddy currents for enhanced efficiency.

Embrace the future of quieter, steadier, and more efficient flights with our groundbreaking motor technology.

Motor Specifications

Specification Details
KV 170kv
No Load Current 1.1A/22.2V
Max Watts/Time 1300W/180s
Max Amps/Time 35A/180S
Resistance Ohm 89m
Case Height/Length 86.8x26.5mm
Weight 240g
Recommended ESC 30amp-40amp
Recommended Battery Configuration 6-12s
Recommended CF Prop (T-motor style) - 26-29"

  • T-Motor U8 170KV Motor

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