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Shop Thermal Drone Cameras

Top Thermal Models: FLIR Vue Pro, FLIR Duo / Pro, DJI Zenmuse XT

  1. SKU#: S-DJI-ZH20T
    MFG#:DJI Zenmuse H20T

    Quick Overview

    • 23x Hybrid Zoom & thermal imaging in a single package
    • "Night Scene" IR-Cut Mode
    • All-New AI features
    • IP44 Rating
    MFG#:senseFly Duet T with eBee X Integration Kit

    Quick Overview

    • Dual thermal and optical mapping
    • Calibrated for easy overlay of thermal imagery
    • Compatible with Pix4D mapper
  3. SKU#: B-DJI-ZEN-XT2-640
    MFG#:DJI Zenmuse XT2 R 640

    Quick Overview

    • Fully integrated EO/IR camera and gimbal system
    • IP44 Rated Water and Dust Resistance
    • Compatible with Matrice 200 Series and Matrice 600 Pro
    • Radiometric images give temperature readings for each pixel
    • Multiple smart temperature features
    • Purpose-built application

    As low as: $9,660.00

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  4. SKU#: S-AR-E2-DG
    MFG#:Autel EVO II - Dual 640 Gimbal Camera

    Quick Overview

    • EO/IR Camera & Gimbal for EVO II series
    • Easily swappable for all EVO II drones
    • Dynamic 48MP still photos
    • High-resolution thermal imaging
  5. SKU#: S-FLIR-VTZ20-60X
    MFG#:FLIR Vue TZ20 Dual Thermal Camera (60Hz)

    Quick Overview

    • Plug-and-play gimbal stabilized dual-thermal camera with 20x thermal zoom capability
    • Easily go from wide field of view to very focused field of view
    • IP44 Weatherproof rating
    • Compatible with Matrice 200 Series (V2) + Matrice 300
    • 60Hz FLIR Boson sensors
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  6. SKU#: B-DJI-ZENXT-TAU2-640
    MFG#:DJI Zenmuse XT V2 640 Thermal Camera [Radiometric Available]

    Quick Overview

    • 8-Bit (JPEG) / 14-Bit (TIFF) Still Images
    • Analog Video Display Formats of 720x480 (NTSC); 720x576 (PAL)
    • Uncooled VOx Microbolometer Thermal Imager
    • Digital Zoom up to 8x
    • JPEG, TIFF, and MP4 File Formats
    • 7.5mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm Lens Options
    • Compatible with DJI Matrice and Inspire 1 Drones

    As low as: $5,719.00

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  7. SKU#: B-DJI-ZEN-XT2-336
    MFG#:DJI Zenmuse XT2 R 336

    Quick Overview

    • 3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization
    • Dual Sensor Drone Camera 
    • 336 x 256 Infrared Resolution
    • 30Hz Refresh Rate
    • IP44 Weather Resistance 
    • Capture 12MP photos and 4K video footage
    • Suitable for the Matrice 200/210 and Matrice 600 Pro
    • Featuring Temp Alarm, Heat Track, FLIR MSX, and Isotherms

    As low as: $5,418.00

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    MFG#:Flir Duo Pro R

    Quick Overview

    • High-Resolution Thermal (infrared) and 4K Color (visible) Imaging
    • Visible Sensor Resolution 4000 x 3000
    • 336 x 256 or 640 x 512 Thermal Sensor Resolution
    • 56° x 45° Field of View
    • 30 Hz Thermal Frame Rate
    • Live Analog and Digital Video Output
    • Uncooled VOx Microbolometer (Tau 2 Thermal Sensor)
    • Multiple IMU Sensors with GPS & GLONASS
    • MSX® Blended Image and Detail Enhancement
    • Integration with MAVLink-Compatible Flight Controllers

    As low as: $4,499.00

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    MFG#:Dronefly FLIR Touch Standard Upgrade Kit (For Phantom 4 Pro/Adv)

    Quick Overview

    • Self-powered Thermal Camera & Gimbal System
    • Single Pilot Operator
    • Touch Screen Control
    • Easily Add or Remove Thermal Gimbal
    • Gimbal comes in a hardshell case
    • Simple installation onto drone
    • For Phantom Pro/Adv + users: Please add the adapter under "Configure Your Bundle"

    As low as: $4,256.99

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  10. SKU#: B-FLIR-VPRO-640-30HZ
    MFG#:Flir Vue Pro - 640 Fast Frame Rate 30Hz Thermal Camera [Radiometric Available]

    Quick Overview

    • 8-Bit Digital Thermal Videos
    • 14-Bit Still Images
    • FPA/Digital Video Display of up to 640x512
    • Fast Full Frame Rate of 30Hz (NTSC); 25Hz (PAL)
    • Digital Zoom up to 8x
    • Wireless Function Controls Through PWM
    • MAVLink Integrated

    As low as: $3,699.00

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