How to Replace the Mavic Pro Gimbal Camera:
A 100% working gimbal camera module is necessary for capturing steady aerial imagery. In this tutorial, we show the necessary steps to replace the DJI Mavic Pro camera module.
1. Remove the Mavic Pro’s propellers and battery.
2. With the Mavic Pro drone on its base remove the top 6 hex screws.
6 Mavic Pro Drone screws
3. Next flip over on its back and remove the screws holding in the cover by the drone arms of the Mavic Pro.
Mavic Pro arm cover screws
4. Remove the covers and remove the additional hex screw under each cover and the one on each side by the forward vision sensors.
DJI mavic Drone Screw remove
5. Flip the Mavic Pro drone back on its base and slowly remove the top cover starting from the rear of the drone. The GPS module connection is located in the back be sure to disconect it.
6. Next, use a phillips screw driver to remove the 4 screws holding in the gimbal
mavic gimbal screws
7. Unplug the 4 gimbal ribbon cables connections and the white plug connector. Flip the Mavic Pro drone back over and remove the gimbal.
gimbal ribbon connectors
8. Place the new gimbal in the front housing, feed the white connector plug up through the mounting plate.
9. Screw in the top 4 phillips screws to hold the new Mavic gimbal in place.
10. Reattach the 2 gimbal ribbon cables connections to the new Mavic Pro gimbal camera unit.
11. Attach the top Mavic Pro shell starting at the front and moving toward the back, be sure to plug in the GPS connection in the back of the drone.
12. Flip the drone back over and screw back in the 4 hex screws. Put the screw covers back in screw in the remaining screws.
13. Flip the drone back over and screw in the 6 remaining screws to hold the top part of the shell in place.
13. Put the battery in the drone connect to the controller and calibrate the gimbal.
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