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Shop DJI Inspire 3 Drones, Parts, & AccessoriesShop DJI Inspire 3 Drones, Parts, & Accessories

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Advancing aerial cinematography with DJI Inspire 3

The DJI Inspire 3 is a high-end, comprehensive 8K camera drone system, engineered to significantly enhance operational efficiency, camera functionality, and breadth of creative possibilities within the realm of aerial filmmaking.

Engineered for optimized aerodynamics, the Inspire 3 features an enhanced maximum dive and vertical movement speeds, ensuring swift, precise maneuverability and a prolonged operational duration of up to 28 minutes.

Equipped with RTK positioning technology for centimeter-level accuracy, state-of-the-art stacked ceramic antennas for superior precision and resistance to magnetic interference, and an all-encompassing obstacle detection system, the Inspire 3 stands out for its exact positioning capabilities, robust interference mitigation, and exhaustive obstacle avoidance measures.

DJI Inspire 3 with dual camerasDJI Inspire 3 with dual cameras


The drone also features Waypoint Pro for advanced flight and shooting path customization, offering a range of adjustable settings, the ability to replicate paths, and innovative 3D Dolly modes. Spotlight Pro enhances subject tracking and locking, outperforming its previous version in precision.

The Inspire 3 integrates a novel customizable feature that bolsters flight safety and expands creative possibilities. It incorporates a cutting-edge 1/1.8-inch sensor for the FPV camera and leverages DJI's most advanced image processing architecture, CineCore 3.0.

Designed specifically for the realm of aerial filmmaking, this drone elevates the standards of drone cinematography, simplifying the process of achieving superior visual effects with greater efficiency and ease.

Introducing DJI Inspire 3