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Why Dronefly is the #1 place to buy a drone

Founded in 2011, Dronefly was one of the first e-commerce stores for drones. The original Dronefly owners were experienced cinematographers, who at the time were mounting film and video cameras to RC helicopters for aerial shots, Dronefly started in a garage with one mission in mind; to bring drones to the film industry. Working on films such as Michael Bay's Transformers, Dronefly quickly grew to become a well-known name in the movie industry. Since starting out in the movie industry Dronefly has moved into the thermal, zoom, and smart farming drone sector. DJI Enterprise and commercial grade drones for police, farming, search and rescue, and industrial applications are Dronefly's specialty.

We have grown quite a bit since then, expanding our lineup and making sure we have a large support team to help well after you buy your drone.

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