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Redefining industry standards for small commercial UAVs with DJI Mavic 3T

The DJI Mavic 3 Thermal is a sophisticated drone crafted for high-level tasks in industries, businesses, and emergency response. Its design is both compact and light, enabling swift setup, which proves crucial for missions where time is of the essence.

Versatile imaging system

This drone boasts a 3-axis gimbal camera with a 20MP wide-angle lens for broad views and quick mapping, a 12MP telephoto lens equipped with 56x hybrid zoom for precise zoomed-in visuals, and a high-definition thermal imaging camera for niche operations.

Longer flight duration

The Mavic 3 Thermal can fly for up to 45 minutes, making it suitable for extended operations.

Thermal imaging capabilities

Equipped with a 640 x 512 thermal camera and a 61° viewing angle, it excels in search and rescue, inspection, and monitoring tasks, featuring high-temperature warnings and isotherm settings to effortlessly pinpoint targets.

O3 Enterprise transmission

The drone uses O3 transmission technology to keep a stable link and stream live video to the RC Pro Enterprise controller across distances of up to 9 miles.

Omni-directional obstacle sensing

The drone navigates safely by automatically detecting and avoiding obstacles in all directions.

Enhanced smart flight options

Mavic 3T features APAS 5.0 for navigating around obstructions and a sophisticated return-to-home function that plots a safe path back to its starting point.

RC Pro Enterprise Controller

This controller is designed for easy use with a vivid onboard display and secure AES-256 video transmission encryption for protected communication.

The DJI Mavic 3 Thermal stands out as a holistic professional solution, offering superior aerial technology for critical operations.

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