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DJI Care Enterprise: Your Comprehensive Drone Protection Plan

At DroneFly, we understand that your DJI Enterprise drones are a significant investment crucial for your commercial operations. That's why we offer DJI Care Enterprise – a specialized after-sales service plan designed to safeguard your DJI Enterprise products against accidental damage during normal use. Our three distinct packages – DJI Care Enterprise Basic, DJI Care Enterprise Plus, and DJI Care Enterprise Basic (2-Year Plan) – are tailored to meet diverse operational needs, ensuring that your fleet is always ready to fly with minimal downtime.


DJI Care Enterprise Coverage Options

Choose from our available plans for the level of coverage that suits your operational scale and frequency:

  • DJI Care Enterprise Basic: This plan includes two replacement units at a nominal additional fee, granting you the confidence to undertake your tasks without fear of mishaps.
  • DJI Care Enterprise Plus: Opt for complete peace of mind with our premium offering, which includes unlimited replacements at no extra cost, provided your coverage amount is sufficient, and shared coverage for your entire fleet activated within 30 days of the first binding.
  • DJI Care Enterprise Basic (2-Year Plan): Extend your protection with up to four replacements over two years, along with the official warranty for covered components.

Global Reach and Supported Models

DroneFly is proud to be part of a global network, with DJI Care Enterprise available in major regions including the U.S., Canada, the EU, and parts of Asia and Oceania. Our coverage spans a wide array of DJI Enterprise products, from the Matrice series to the advanced Mavic and Phantom lines, as well as various Zenmuse cameras and gimbals. To understand the full extent of models covered and to select the right service plan for your fleet, we invite you to consult with our experts.


Purchasing, Activation, and Sharing Coverage

Purchasing and renewing your DJI Care Enterprise plan is a straightforward process. Eligibility extends to new and unactivated devices, or those recently repaired by an official DJI Service Center. Activation is simple, either via an activation code on DroneFly Online Store or through an auto-activated bundle. For DJI Care Enterprise Plus customers, there is the added benefit of shared coverage amounts for multiple drones, subject to terms and conditions.

Seamless Maintenance and Express Services


Accidental Damage and Repair Services

Fly without fear with DJI Care Enterprise, which covers a variety of accidents including water damage, collisions, and signal interference. In the event of damage, your operations can continue smoothly with free delivery for repairs, adhering to the regional coverage limits. DJI bears the two-way shipping costs, further easing the maintenance process for you.


DJI Care Express for Rapid Replacement

For those critical missions where every minute counts, DJI Care Express is your solution for rapid replacements, ensuring minimal downtime. This service is available for a select range of products and provides immediate replacement with new or like-new units upon receiving your damaged product, keeping your project timelines on track.


Complimentary Maintenance Services

Certain drone models, such as the Matrice 30 series and the Mavic 3 series, are eligible for standard maintenance services when you purchase DJI Care Enterprise. This preventive measure ensures your drones remain in top condition, ready to face the challenges of your varied applications.


Expert Support and Contact

DroneFly is committed to delivering exceptional customer support. For detailed information on DJI Care Enterprise, advice on the most suitable plan for your needs, or assistance with activation and service queries, our team of experts is available at (805) 480-4033 or email Choose the right plan today and elevate your enterprise drone operations with confidence.