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DJI DOck 2: revolutionizing the future of autonomous drones

In the evolving world of drone technology, DJI has taken a giant leap with the launch of DJI Dock 2, an upgrade from its successful predecessor, DJI Dock 1.

Engineered for superior efficiency, versatility, and user-friendliness, Dock 2 caters to an extensive array of uses, including but not limited to, aerial surveying, mapping, security surveillance, and swift emergency responses.


DJI Dock 2 with DJI Matrice 3TDDJI Dock 2 with DJI Matrice 3TD


Key enhancements from Dock 1 to Dock 2

  • Compact design: DJI Dock 2 showcases a reduction in size and weight, weighing in at only 34kg and occupying a mere 0.34m^2. This evolution marks a significant step towards better portability and deployment flexibility.
  • Boosted performance metrics: The introduction of a 50-minute maximum flight duration and a 10 km reach marks a considerable improvement in the operational capabilities, enhancing its efficiency and service area.
  • Advanced surveying features: The device integrates a 20MP high-resolution surveying camera (parallel to the M3E model) with the M3D variant, paving the way for groundbreaking applications in sectors like construction management, mining operations, and others through its precise surveying and mapping functionalities.
  • Increased cost-efficiency: It's designed with an eye on affordability, offering cost reductions in both hardware acquisition and ongoing operational expenditures.
    Aircraft Compatibility
  • Compatibility with Matrice 3D Series: the DJI Matrice 3 dock version (M3D) and its thermal counterpart, the DJI Matrice 3 thermal dock version (M3TD). These models are equipped with distinct camera configurations to address specific operational needs—M3D for high-fidelity surveying and mapping, and M3TD for tasks in public safety and inspections.

Software integration and SDK/API support

DJI Dock 2 maintains full compatibility with the DJI FlightHub 2 platform while supporting Cloud API for easy integration with third-party cloud services. Its E-Port functionality on M3D/M3TD models facilitates the attachment of alternative payloads, expanding its utility across various applications.

Application versatility

Thanks to the 20MP surveying camera on the M3D, similar to the M3E model, Dock 2 excels in high-precision mapping and surveying. It's ideally suited for monitoring construction sites, calculating earthworks, and overseeing disaster recovery efforts. The M3TD, with its thermal and RGB cameras, is perfect for security patrols, emergency response scenarios, and automated inspections.

Technical upgrades and specifications

This new charging station has achieved a notable downsizing in both weight and dimensions compared to its predecessor, Dock 1, without compromising on performance and environmental adaptability.

It boasts a maximum takeoff altitude of 2500m, a 10km operational reach, and a quick 32-minute recharge time (from 20% to 90%). Additionally, it introduces smart oblique photography capabilities, further enhancing its surveying and mapping accuracy.

Why choose DJI Dock 2?

The new DJI Dock stands at the forefront of autonomous drone technology, offering unmatched efficiency, adaptability, and functionality in a streamlined and economically viable package. Whether employed for construction oversight, disaster management, or security purposes, it delivers a reliable and high-performing solution for diverse applications.

With its array of advanced features and technical enhancements, it is poised to set new benchmarks in autonomous drone operations.

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