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Redefining aerial excellence with Autel EVO Max Series

The Autel EVO series, a hallmark of advanced drone technology, welcomes its newest members: the EVO Max 4T and 4N. These drones are engineered for a broad spectrum of professional tasks, equipped with distinct features that distinguish them as leaders in the drone market.

Choosing between 4T and 4N

The EVO Max 4T is a powerhouse in thermal imaging, perfect for search and rescue, surveillance, and detailed inspections.

It incorporates a FLIR Boson 640 thermal sensor for unmatched heat signature detection, combined with an 8K high-resolution visual camera, making it indispensable for critical operations.

The EVO Max 4N, with its exceptional low-light performance, caters to filmmakers, content creators, and photographers.

Its advanced starlight camera and 6K resolution support at up to 120 fps deliver smooth, cinematic quality footage, ensuring superior video and photography output.

Enhanced intelligence and dependability

Armed with sophisticated obstacle avoidance systems, the EVO Max 4T and 4N promise a secure and dependable flight. AI-driven dynamic tracking allows for seamless subject following, simplifying the process of obtaining dynamic shots.

Versatile flight capabilities

These drones boast an array of intelligent flight modes, including orbit, waypoint navigation, dronie, and follow-me, providing pilots with creative flexibility to capture engaging content with ease.

The versatility of the EVO Max series supports various filming and mission scenarios, enabling pilots to achieve their creative vision effortlessly.

Design and mobility

The unified design of the EVO Max 4T and 4N features foldable arms and a compact build, facilitating easy transport and quick deployment.

Their extended battery life and durable construction ensure they are ready for prolonged and demanding tasks, making them reliable tools for professional use.

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The Autel EVO Max Series stands as a monumental advancement in the EVO lineup, with each model excelling in its specialized field. Whether for capturing stunning visuals with the EVO Max 4N or performing essential thermal inspections with the EVO Max 4T, these drones embody the pinnacle of aerial innovation.

They redefine the capabilities of professional drone operators, offering unparalleled versatility and performance across a wide range of industries.

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