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Since the beginning, Dronefly specialized in drones for cinematography. Over time we've grown to be experts in many industries such as aerial thermal and agricultural imaging, but we haven't forgotten our love for electric-optical cameras. Our experts have years of experience with camera drones and can ensure you get a drone and camera specifically tailored for you. We understand your missions, use cases, operational budgets, and support needs.

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Drone Solutions

Watch and Learn About Optical / Zoom Drones

We understand that deciding which commercial drone solution is right for your organization isn't as simple as just picking one from a hat. That's why we want to give you the tools to help you make an informed decision. Check out the videos and info below to learn more about our entire line of optical & zoom drone solutions, and if you still need some guidance, our experts are available to compare options M-F 7AM - 5PM PST

Introducing the Zenmuse X7

The Zenmuse X7 is the latest in DJI's line of Zenmuse cinema cameras. A Super-35mm effective sensor size for video recording can shoot up to 6K CinemaDNG and 5.2K Apple ProRes at up to 30FPS and 3.9K DNG / 2.7K ProRes up to 59.94 FPS.

Introducing The Zenmuse Z30

As the first integrated aerial camera with an optical zoom up to 30x, the Zenmuse Z30 offers unparalleled image data capture. Designed to seamlessly integrate with DJI’s Matrice series of airframes, the Zenmuse Z30 works right out of the box and gives access to the intelligent features DJI is known for.

More About Optical / Zoom Drones

From cinema to law enforcement, HD optical cameras have many uses. The industry hasn't slowed down since the Phantom 2 was upgraded with a GoPro gimbal. Now fully integrated 4K camera and gimbal units are the standard for any drone (professional or consumer) but they don't stop at 4K anymore. The Zenmuse X5S offers up to 5.2K video, and the Zenmuse X7 offers up to 6K!

For situations that require keeping a distance from the subject, there are now camera and gimbal units that offer optical zoom to get crystal clear images from great distances. The Zenmuse Z3 offers 3.5x optical zoom and 2x digital lossless zoom for a total of 7x zoom. The Zenmuse Z30 is perfect for large-scale inspections and law enforcement professionals, offering 30x optical zoom and 6x digital lossless zoom for a total of 180x magnification.

While almost everybody is familiar with drones such as the Phantom or Mavic series at this point, there is much greater technology out there that goes far beyond the simple consumer market. These ultra-high-definition cinema cameras and optical zoom cameras are pushing the potential of drones deep into the industrial market, making these industrial workplaces much safer and much more efficient.

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Find more detailed information on our pages for the optical / zoom solutions by each camera.