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Walking through fields to inspect crop health is time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. Specialized camera sensors to detect plant vigor used to be extremely expensive, and heavy which means they would have to be carried on manned aircraft. Now with compact multispectral sensing technology and reliable drones, these multispectral drone kits are being leveraged by farmers to increase efficiency and increase yields. Browse our farming drone kits below. New to drones for farming? Check out our blog on agriculture drones . Not sure where to start? Give us a call or click on the request info button and fill out the form. Our consultants have years of experience and will make sure you get a drone solution that fits your case, operational budgets, and support needs.


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NDVI / Multispectral Drone Packages

Watch and Learn About NDVI Ag Drones

NDVI is a ratio of the amount of light energy absorbed and reflected by plants, this measures plant health. Calculated by: (NIR - RED ) / (NIR + RED). In general, NDVI values range from -1.0 to 1.0, with negative values indicating objects such as water, positive values near zero indicating bare soil, and higher positive values of NDVI ranging from sparse vegetation (0.1 - 0.5) to dense vegetation (0.6 and above). As a result, this technology serves as a warning tool for problem areas facing complications with fertilizer, irrigation, disease, or pests. We have brought together the best NDVI sensor producers and drone producers to bring you the very best ad drone solutions.

How Multispectral & NDVI Ag Imaging Works

Check out his MicaSense webinar to get a better understanding of NDVI and Multispectral imaging. Gaining insights into crop health is key to save money and time when growing crops. We here at Dronefly want to make sure you have all the resources necessary to fully understand the technology, so you can implement this technology into your own business or workflow.

See The Parrot Bluegrass Fields Ag Drone in Action 

Parrot's Bluegrass Fields agriculture drone uses the Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor to identify crop health insights. The Parrot Sequoia + is a compact sensing unit that understands plant health based on the amount of light being absorbed and reflected from the crop’s leaves. The Parrot Bluegrass Fields ag drone kit makes mapping quick and easy.

More About NDVI Drones

With the data gathered from the NDVI sensors and GPS farmers are able to make a comprehensive map of the crop field area. This allows farmers to better plan where crops are being planted to maximize land usage and crop variability. Better mapping also increases water efficiency and fertilizer usage. With better insights into the ideal place for crops, increased efficiency and reduced cost are expected. View our 2018 Agriculture Drone Infographic to see more about how drones are increasing efficiency for growers.

Why Dronefly?

We here at Dronefly pride ourselves in leading the commercial drone sector to bring these ag drone kits to the everyday farmer. We worked closely with farmers, drone manufacturers, and sensor designers to bring the best ag drone solutions to market. No matter the size of your operation, budget, or needs we here at Dronefly are ready to get your drone operation off the ground!