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Learn about police and law enforcement UAV trends.

Welcome to the fascinating world of police and law enforcement drones! Equipped with optical, zoom, and/or thermal cameras, they allow agencies to monitor unfolding crime scenes more accurately and at a safer distance. Officials get a better vantage point during times of chaotic situations where deploying ground personnel is too risky. Aerial views enable post-accident scenes or crime scenes to be fully documented and reconstructed to help understand the timeline of events for each incident. Dronefly carries many police drones and accessories, including Matrice 30, Mavic 3 Enterprise, Teledyne Flir SIRAS, Parrot Anafi Gov, CZI enterprise accessories, and more. 

Drones for public safety act as a force multiplier and cost a fraction of what manned helicopters require. In response to active shooters, IEDs, or armed hostage situations the sUAS (small unmanned aerial system) can observe threats with reduced personnel risks. Find out which popular manufacturers dominate the scene and how these drones are revolutionizing public safety operations. Explore intriguing facts and figures about these high-flying crime-fighting machines in our 2023 infographic: 

See the video version of the infographic here.

10 Ways Drones Are Used In Law Enforcement

  1. Search and Rescue: In crucial moments when every second counts, a SAR drones can be the difference between life and death. With their ability to cover vast areas quickly while providing detailed imaging, they have proven to be invaluable in locating missing persons or stranded individuals.
  2. Traffic Watch: Forget the limitations of patrolling from the ground. Drones make tracking and reporting traffic violations easier, with fewer ground teams needed.
  3. Disaster Relief: In the aftermath of natural disasters, areas can be tough to reach. Drones for disaster relief step in to help assess damage, locate survivors, and deliver emergency supplies.
  4. Thermal and Night Vision: Criminals often believe darkness is their ally, but not anymore! Police drones with thermal camera capabilities can detect heat signatures, making it a formidable asset during nighttime operations. Meanwhile, those with night vision aid officers in surveilling areas even when it's pitch-dark.
  5. Border Patrol: Boundaries spanning miles require vigilant watch. Drones for border patrol efficiently cover the required areas at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods, identifying unauthorized activities faster.
  6. Crime Scene Analysis: Capturing aerial footage of a crime scene gives investigators a comprehensive view that can assist in piecing together events and evidence.
  7. Security Patrols: From events to critical infrastructure, security agencies can use drones to get real-time feedback and early detection of potential threats.
  8. Crowd Monitoring: During large gatherings or protests, drones give law enforcement the ability to keep tabs on the crowd and provide ground units with real-time data to respond to any disturbances that arise.
  9. Communication in Remote Areas: In regions where conventional communication methods might be hampered due to terrain or other barriers, drones can be dispatched as carriers of essential communication tools. Whether it's a two-way radio, mobile phone, or other communication devices, drones can quickly deliver these to officers or even civilians in need, ensuring lines of communication remain open, especially during critical operations.
  10. Training and Simulation: Drones are now being used as tools for training exercises within police departments. They provide a dynamic perspective when teaching our officers the ropes and prepping them for real-world action.

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