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Your business’s drone program is only as strong as the software you have to make use of the aerial data you collect. Whether your industrial needs include mapping, or thermal or NDVI analysis, our curated list of top-level software is sure to help you find the perfect software to make sure you continue to get the most from your aircraft.


Mapping Software

Pix4Dmapper Pro

This software package streamlines the process of mapping, making it straightforward to create 3D maps and models from your aerial imagery. Maps are created with centimeter-level accuracy for survey-grade results. Pix4Dmapper software can create maps from nearly any type of imagery, including RGB, thermal or multispectral. Images are transformed into digital spatial models and maps that can be used to measure distances, areas and volumes, and perform virtual inspections. Maps and models can easily be shared with team members or clients to improve efficiency and project accuracy.


Similar to Pix4Dmapper Pro in the function and process of getting from images to maps, Pix4Dbim is uniquely created for mapping in the construction industry. Pix4Dbim generates accurate and georeferenced 2D and 3D models that can be accessed on a collaborative cloud-based platform. All outputs can be downloaded and imported into other CAD/BIM applications for further analysis.


This mapping software from Pix4D is specifically designed for emergency response and public safety applications, to provide 2D fast-mapping. This intuitive software is ideal for situations that require rapid insights, with no cloud computing involved. Maps can be created, annotated, and shared within minutes, in situations requiring accurate maps in the least amount of time possible.


Mapping software from DroneDeploy is now compatible with any drone. This software allows you to fly and capture images, upload images to Map Engine to generate maps or models, and share maps right from your device. Use DroneDeploy mapping software to automatically create high-resolution 3D maps with survey-level accuracy.

DJI Terra

DJI’s mapping software allows you to capture, analyze and visualize your environment with DJI Terra. This easy to use mapping software was developed to help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into digital assets with a complete package that takes you from planning to final product.


Thermal Image Analysis Software

FLIR Tools+ Reporting Software

This software from FLIR provides an expanded set of cutting-edge controls for generating comprehensive thermal imaging inspection and research reports. Use it to pair and group FLIR thermal images and digital photos independent of when or how the separate images were originally captured, or to stitch FLIR IR images (including MSX™️) regardless of the order they were taken to help you measure and paint the complete thermal picture in one full scene (minimum 30% overlap). With this groundbreaking new product, you can record and play back both radiometric video files and time/temperature plots, and build a radiometric panorama image. The software enables you to use Microsoft Word to quickly create reports and provide advanced analysis data and detailed thermal imagery in impressive PDF documents. If you're looking for a way to show anomalies, trends, and results with greater precision than ever before, this is it.


NDVI Analysis


This software from Pix4D provides advanced field mapping for aerial crop analysis. Using images using a drone and any standard RGB or a selected multispectral camera like Parrot Sequoia+ & Micasense RedEdge-MX. You can also use a selected thermal camera like FLIR Vue Pro & Zenmuse XT. Images can be processed locally or in the cloud for faster results. Generated orthomosaics, digital surface models, 3D maps and more can be used to visualize and understand your crop stages and stress levels to increase yields and reduce costs.

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