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DJI Zenmuse H20N drone cameraDJI Zenmuse H20N drone camera

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See beyond the darkness with DJI Zenmuse H20N

Elevating night Operations with thermal and starlight vision

The DJI Zenmuse H20N stands at the forefront of night vision technology, offering unparalleled capabilities for operations in dark or low-light conditions. This innovative drone camera combines thermal imaging with starlight vision, providing a dual approach to surveillance, search and rescue, and wildlife observation during the night.

Key features of Zenmuse H20N

  • Dual thermal cameras: With a resolution of 640×512, the H20N's dual thermal cameras excel in detecting heat patterns in complete darkness. This feature is crucial for identifying subjects based on temperature contrast, enabling effective operation in search and rescue missions, wildlife tracking, and security operations, regardless of lighting conditions.

  • Starlight night vision cameras: The Zenmuse H20N is equipped with two starlight night vision cameras, a 2MP wide camera, and a 4MP zoom camera, designed to capture clear, detailed images in minimal light. These cameras leverage even the faintest light sources to produce visible footage, making them indispensable for night-time surveillance and reconnaissance.

  • Advanced zoom capabilities: The thermal cameras offer 2x and 8x zoom options, with equivalent focal lengths of 53mm and 196mm, respectively. The starlight cameras further enhance observation from afar with a 20× optical zoom and a maximum of 128× zoom, allowing for detailed visual assessment from a distance.

  • Enhanced image processing: DJI's sophisticated image processing technology sharpens and enhances the contrast and quality of the images captured by the H20N. This improvement is vital for operators to make informed decisions based on the imagery.

  • AI-assisted functionality: Integrated AI algorithms enhance the H20N's efficiency by enabling automatic tracking and identification of subjects. This feature streamlines operations by reducing the manual effort required in monitoring and analysis.

  • Seamless integration with DJI Matrice series: Designed for compatibility with DJI's Matrice series drones, the Zenmuse H20N offers a comprehensive solution for conducting nocturnal operations. Its integration with these drones ensures a robust, deployable package that combines thermal and low-light imaging technologies.

Applications of Zenmuse H20N

The Zenmuse H20N's unique capabilities make it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications:

  • Search and rescue: Enhances nighttime search operations, helping to quickly locate individuals in distress.
  • Wildlife monitoring: Enables the observation of nocturnal wildlife without disturbing their natural behaviors.
  • Security and surveillance: Offers detailed surveillance capabilities, even in pitch-black conditions, for public safety and property protection.
  • Infrastructure inspection: Facilitates the inspection of critical infrastructure, identifying issues that are not visible during the day.
  • Environmental studies: Supports environmental research by monitoring ecosystems and wildlife at night.

Unlock nighttime operational excellence with Zenmuse H20N

The DJI Zenmuse H20N is a transformative tool for professionals requiring advanced imaging solutions for night or low-light conditions. Whether your focus is on enhancing public safety, conducting wildlife research, or securing premises, the H20N delivers critical capabilities to meet these challenges.

Discover the power of advanced thermal and starlight vision technology with the Zenmuse H20N. Contact us today to explore how this cutting-edge camera can elevate your nighttime operations. Let's illuminate the darkness with precision and clarity.

Introducing DJI Zenmuse H20N