Micasense RedEdge-P Blue Multispectral Kit

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  • High-resolution imaging at 2 cm per pixel from 60 m altitude.
  • Simultaneous capture of up to six spectral bands for detailed multispectral data.
  • Includes the coastal blue band for advanced water body and atmospheric analysis.
  • Ideal for precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, and land management.
  • Supports detailed analysis for vegetation health and species identification.
  • Rugged carrying case included for secure transport and storage.

The Micasense RedEdge-P Blue Multispectral Kit sets a new benchmark in the field of precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, and land management. Equipped with a high-resolution panchromatic sensor, this advanced multispectral imaging system offers unparalleled clarity and depth in data capture, empowering users to make informed decisions with precision.

The RedEdge-P Blue is designed to capture detailed images with a resolution of 2 cm per pixel at 60 m altitude, making early detection of issues and thorough analysis possible across various use cases. Its ability to simultaneously capture up to six spectral bands, including RGB, crop vigor, and essential composite indices, enhances the quality and usability of the output for more high-resolution applications.

Incorporating the coastal blue band, the RedEdge-P Blue excels in applications requiring detailed analysis of water bodies and atmospheric conditions. This feature is especially useful for monitoring chlorophyll concentrations, sediment suspension, and detecting phytoplankton or algae blooms, providing crucial insights for environmental management.

Whether it’s for managing vegetation health, identifying species, or monitoring and protecting habitats, the Micasense RedEdge-P Blue Multispectral Kit delivers the data quality and analytical depth required for cutting-edge environmental and agricultural practices.

  • Sensor Type: High-resolution panchromatic imager.
  • Resolution: 2 cm per pixel at 60 m altitude.
  • Spectral Bands: Simultaneous capture of RGB, crop vigor, composite indices (NDVI, NDRE, CIR), and panchromatic.
  • Coastal Blue Band: 0.433-0.453 µm, optimized for water body and atmospheric analysis.
  • Applications: Precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, vegetation and weed species identification, water body analysis.
  • Features:
    • Calibration panel for accurate dataset alignment.
    • DLS 2 light sensor for data accuracy in varying lighting.
    • Necessary cables and mounts for straightforward setup.
    • Hardshell carrying case for protection and easy transportation.
  • Operational Use Cases: Chlorophyll efficiency examination, sediment suspension monitoring, phytoplankton and algae bloom detection, habitat monitoring, species identification.

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