Futaba R617FS 2.4GHZ FASST RX 7CH Aircraft Receiver

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  • Futaba R617FS 2.4GHz FASST 7-channel receiver designed for use with Futaba 2.4GHz FASST airplane radio systems.
  • Lightweight and highly sensitive receiver, weighing only 0.25 ounces (7 grams) without the case, suitable for a wide range of aircraft sizes, from giant scale to park flyer applications, eliminating the need for separate receivers for different aircraft.
  • Convenient one-touch linking for easy setup, eliminating the hassle of dealing with plugs or the risk of losing them.
  • Dual Antenna Diversity feature enables the 2.4GHz FASST Futaba transmitter to automatically select the best reception between the two receiver antennas, ensuring uninterrupted signal quality. Rubber grommets are also installed to protect and reinforce the antenna wires as they exit the receiver.

You were seeking a more budget-friendly mid-range 2.4GHz Futaba receiver, and now you have it! The cost of the exceptional R617FS/2-4 receiver has been significantly lowered, establishing it as one of the most competitively priced options among Futaba receivers. Despite its compact and lightweight design, the R617 delivers notably improved response times compared to older non-2.4GHz units, ensuring crisp and instantaneous performance.

It's worth noting that the R617 is compatible with 6EX, FF7 sets, FTM-07, FTM-08, FTM-10, and FTM-14 Modules.

27.5 mm x 41.6 mm x 9.2 mm
1.08 in x 1.64 in x 0.36 in

9.8 g
0.35 oz


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