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Zenmuse XT2 Drone Packages

Zenmuse XT2 Drone Packages


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Watch and Learn About The Zenmuse XT2

The Zenmuse XT2 is the next iteration of the combined effort of DJI and FLIR to produce a fully integrated and stabilized thermal camera. Combining the powerful, industry-standard capabilities of FLIR thermal sensors, and the smart features and easy integration of a DJI gimbal and camera, the XT2 is ready for any job - especially given the impressive IP44 rating. The XT2 has two cameras housed in a single casing, one being FLIR's advanced radiometric thermal sensor, and the other is a 4K RGB visual sensor. The thermal sensor comes in different resolutions, refresh rates and lens options, available for selection to meet your specific requirements. Check out the videos and info below to learn more about the Zenmuse XT2. For more guidance in selecting the right XT2 configuration for your needs, our experts are available to help you compare options. Give us a call at 805-480-4033

Introducing the Zenmuse XT2

The Zenmuse XT2 is the first fully integrated EO/IR (optical and thermal) camera and gimbal unit available on the drone market. No need to worry about third party gimbals, compatibility issues, and extra wires – the XT2 is fast, clean, and easy. In addition, it has a ton of intelligent features such as temp alarm, and heat track to make thermal imaging easier and more intuitive than ever before. The XT2 is a perfect thermal imaging solution for firefighters, first responders, agronomists and others, allowing you to collect more data in less time.

Learn More About The Zenmuse XT2

Randall from FLIR Systems gives us an in-depth look at the Zenmuse XT2, providing an expert’s perspective on the features, capabilities, and uses of the XT2. He covers topics such as drone compatibility, the different offerings in lenses and frame rates, to the individual smart features offered by the DJI and FLIR collaboration. Including a clear explanation to help users understand how thermal imaging cameras work, this in-depth video covers everything you need to know about the XT2.

More About Zenmuse XT2

The Zenmuse XT2 is the next generation of thermal imaging, one step up from the XT, with even more smart features and capabilities to improve ease-of-use. It is a fully integrated camera and gimbal unit that features both a FLIR thermal imaging sensor and a 4K resolution optical camera to give professionals everything they need in one package. This combines FLIR's industry-leading thermal imaging technology with DJI's industry-leading stabilization and machine intelligence technologies to make one extremely powerful tool to save time, money, and lives. Unsure what the difference is between the Zenmuse XT and Zenmuse XT2? We have a full XT vs XT2 comparison and compatible drones blog.

The Zenmuse XT2 boasts an impressive IP44 rating making it a perfect match with the DJI Matrice 200 Series drones which are IP43 rated. When used together, the M200 Series drones and XT2 can operate in more weather situations than any other drone DJI has ever produced. Weather and site conditions are no match for the XT2, allowing you to get the job done, whether you’re performing search and rescue operations in a rainstorm, monitoring firefighting operations with heat and spray to contend with, or performing inspections in a dusty desert.

The XT2 makes it easy to transform data into insights in real time with a suite of onboard processors and computer vision algorithms that allow the camera to offer many great intelligent features. Temp Alarm gives the operator a notification when any area in the frame exceeds a temperature set by the operator, allowing quick searches for industry and law enforcement professionals alike. Heat Track captures the most critical information by automatically locking the XT2 onto the hottest object in view. Of course, FLIR's incredible MSX blending technology is included, making sure nothing is missed from either camera. This imaging feature allows you to view the thermal output with a visual overlay, in real-time, dramatically increasing the amount of detail you can see, for enhanced decision-making and precision.

Other standout features of the XT2 include: Temp Check, which allows the user to select any area on screen to get a real-time temperature measurement; Quick Track, to lock onto and follow any object; Isotherm selection, to allow the operator to select the most useful temperature band for their situation; multiple thermal color palettes for increased control and customization of data input; and multiple picture-in-picture options for side-by-side image viewing, image overlay, or more options, so you can see exactly what you need to.

There are up to 12 different combinations of specifications available for selection when ordering the XT2, with variations available in framerates (9Hz or 30Hz), resolution (336x256 or 640x512), and lenses. Radiometry, or the ability to measure temperature within each pixel on the screen, is standard in all XT2 camera options. With so many variations to consider, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts to help determine which one is the best fit for your needs.