All Mobile Vision InsightRT1 HC Encoder (Pre-Owned)

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  • Streams video signals via AMV’s secure datacenters
  • Operates over any internet connection
  • Built into a pelican hard case
  • Pre-owned but still fully functional

The InsightRT1 HC encoder facilitates the transmission of video signals through AMV's highly secure data centers. This user-friendly device is designed for seamless operation across various internet connectivity options, including Wi-Fi adapters, bonded cellular systems, and Ethernet connectors.

Once the streaming process is initiated by the operator, authorized users can conveniently access the video feed through the Chrome web browser on desktop computers or Android devices, as well as through Safari on iOS devices.

This InsightRT1 HC model is built into a pelican hard case for greater hardware protection.

NOTE: This product is pre-owned and used but is still fully functional.

  • 1x All Mobile Vision InsightRT1 HC Encoder

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