Autel Robotics EVO II Enterprise V3

Are you excited about the latest updates from Autel? We are too! Keeping track of all the updates can be a challenge though, but that's why you have us, right? Let's get straight into it and compare two exciting versions - the Autel Evo II Enterprise V2 and V3.

The Autel Evo II Enterprise: An Overview

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let's do a quick flyby of the Autel Evo II Enterprise. It's essentially the same compact, foldable drone you've come to love in the Autel Evo II line, but with a few added bells and whistles that make the Enterprise versions stand out:

- Lightweight Carbon Fiber Arms: Longer and lighter than those on other models, these arms pair with specialized low-noise propeller blades for agile handling.

- Extended Flight Time: The Enterprise model boasts an impressive 42-minute flight time, and its top speed reaches a thrilling 45 miles per hour.

- ADSB Signal Receiver: A standout feature that keeps you informed about any known aircraft in the area, providing extra safety and peace of mind.

Introducing the V3: The Next Generation

The new V3 takes everything that's great about the V2 and adds a few innovative twists. The most noticeable addition is the introduction of thermal vents, designed to enhance cooling during operation.

New and Notable Features in the V3

Let's explore some of the exciting features and enhancements that the V3 brings to the table.

Enhanced Video and Transmission

- 1080p Live View: An upgrade from the V2's 720p, thanks to the new Skylink 2.0 transmission protocol.

- Increased Signal Range: Skylink 2.0 powers over nine miles of signal range for the Enterprise V3, a neat improvement over the V2's eight-mile range.

- Additional Radio Control Option: A new 900MHz option for radio control aids transmission in challenging conditions.


Upgraded Payload and Imaging

- Improved Sensor: The Dual 640T model features a 0.8-inch CMOS RGB sensor, offering more than double the surface area of the V2's half-inch sensor.

- Higher Resolution: The V3 can capture images up to 50 megapixels, slightly up from the V2's 48 MP.

- Moonlight Algorithm 2.0: A new software processing feature enhances low-light visibility, providing a better low-light experience than the previous model.

- Increased Frame Rate: The thermal sensor can now record at 30fps, up from the V2's 25fps.


Unique Accessories

The Enterprise models have always been recognized for their range of accessories, and the V3 is no different.

- Strobe attachment for night operations

- Spotlight for search operations

- Loudspeaker attachment, now capable of broadcasting live audio from the remote.

- Real-Time Video Broadcasting: Welcome back this feature with the upgraded live deck 2.


The New Smart Controllers

For the first time, an Evo Enterprise model comes bundled with a smart controller included! Meet the Smart Controller V3 and the Smart Controller SE.

- Smart Controller V3: An exciting addition to the bundle.

- Smart Controller SE: A smaller, lighter version of the V3 with a removable battery. It's the perfect choice for first responders needing portability, without compromising on features – even clocking 800 nits brightness, brighter than most mobile phones. It even includes a full-size HDMI out port. With this controller, the drone has a maximum transmission distance of 15km. (The V2 works with the standard remote controller with a transmission distance of 9km).

In the ever-evolving world of drones, the Autel Evo II Enterprise V3 offers a host of updates and new features that make it a compelling choice for any drone enthusiast. 

Interested in getting your hands on the new Evo II Enterprise V3? Hop on over to our online store. Happy droning!