CZI TK300 Backpack Tethered Power System

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  • Lightweight & Portable: Effortlessly transportable, featuring dual mode transport options.
  • High IP Protection: Crafted for resilience and protection in challenging environments.
  • Versatile Power Supply: Compatible with accumulator, 220V mains, and generator power supplies.
  • Extended Drone Operation: Ensures prolonged hovering times with a ground 3KW power supply.
  • Foldable Waterproof Stand: Boasts a LED work light for night operations, illuminating up to 30㎡.
  • Efficient Cable Management: Equipped with manual and automatic cable retrieval for convenience.
  • Broad Compatibility: Supports DJI’s entire industrial drone lineup with up to 110 meters of cable.

The CZI TK300 Backpack Tethered Power System elevates the standard for drone power supply technology, tailored for special operations with its lightweight design and enhanced IP protection. Offering versatility through its dual transportation modes - backpackable and portable with ergonomic braces - it ensures ease of use in diverse settings.

At its core, the TK300 features a unique foldable, waterproof stand equipped with a LED work light, casting 30㎡ of high-brightness illumination for efficient night time operations. This innovative system comprises two essential components: the power supply drone end and the integrated power supply ground end. It adeptly converts single-phase or three-phase AC power into DC high voltage, channeling it via a high-performance nickel alloy cable for continuous drone power supply.

Boasting both manual and automatic cable retrieval options, the TK300 epitomizes smart, efficient operation. It seamlessly integrates with DJI’s complete range of industrial drones, offering an extendable power supply cable up to 80 meters, customizable to 110 meters, for enduring tasks. Paired with the CZI illumination light and high-power gimbal searchlight, it fulfills the demand for prolonged, extensive-area emergency lighting, surveillance, and rescue missions.

TK300 Drone End
Shell colorBlack
Housing materialAviation Aluminum Alloy
Power (output)Rated 3.0 kw
Rated input voltage280-420 VDC
Rated output voltage36.5-52.5 VDC
Main rated output current60A
ProtectionAutomatic protecting the on-board power supply when the output current is greater than 65A
Automatic protecting the on-board power supply when the input voltage is greater than 430V
IP Protection RatingNot waterproof
Output short circuit protectionThe output is automatically protected against short circuit and returns to normal automatically after troubleshooting
Over temperature protection functionTemperature protection is activated after 80 Degree C and the output will be turned off
Control and interfaceIndependent control link
Dimension5.27 x 3.62 x 3.81" (134 x 92 x 97mm)
Weight18.16 oz (515g) ( +/-5g)
TK300 Ground End
Shell colorGray and black. Color can be customized (suggest emergency orange yellow, public security black blue white, military green)
Mode of transportBackpack, Handheld
Ground placement2 Folding brackets
Power (output)Rated 3.0 kw
Cable110m of cable (Coaxial two-core cable)
Cable specificationsDiameter less than 3mm, over-current capacity greater than 10A, weight less than 1.2kg/100m, tensile strength greater than 20kg, withstanding voltage 600V, internal resistance less than 3.6 Ohm/100m@20 Degree C
Rated input voltage220 VAC +/-10%
Rated operating frequency50/60 Hz
Output Voltage280-430 VDC
IP Protection RatingNot waterproof
Ground lightingIntegrated lift-able ground lighting module
Control and interfaceIndependent control link
Dimensions22.04 x 15.35 x 10.23" (560 x 390 x 260mm)
Weight28.66 lbs (13kg) (enhanced version)

  • 1x TK300 Drone End
  • 1x TK300 Ground End
  • User Manual
  • CZI 1 Year Limited Warranty

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