DJI Agras T10 Intelligent Battery

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  • Extended flight capabilities with 9,500mAh, 51.8 V battery
  • Ultra-lightweight design at ~3.8 kg for peak drone efficiency
  • Water and corrosion-resistant (IP54), with superior circuit protection
  • Supports instant charging, designed for longevity with 1,000 cycles

The DJI Agras T10's operational capacity leaps forward with the 9,500mAh Intelligent Flight Battery, engineered to empower your agricultural missions with reliability and power. This battery's advanced technology offers a high capacity in a lightweight form at approximately 3.8 kg, coupled with a significant discharge rate of 11.5 C and a voltage of 51.8 V for superior flight performance. Featuring IP54 rating, it's designed to withstand water and corrosion, safeguarded further by potting protection at the circuit board level. Its instant charging feature, free from the need for cooldown, along with a promise of 1,000 cycles, redefines the standards of efficiency and durability in agricultural drone operations.

  • Optimized capacity: 9,500 mAh for prolonged operational times.
  • Efficient design: Lightweight at ~3.8 kg with an 11.5 C discharge rate.
  • Robust protection: IP54 rating with advanced circuit board protection.
  • Rapid charging: No cooldown needed, guaranteed for 1,000 cycles.

Model BAX501-9500mAh-51.8V
Weight About 3.8 kg
Discharge Rate 11.5C
Protection Class IP54 + board-level embedment protection
Capacity 9,500 mAh
Voltage 51.8 V

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