DJI Agras T20P/T40 Relay

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  • Superior range: Extends communication range for broad agricultural areas.
  • Seamless integration: Easy to pair with clear indicators for successful connection.
  • Steady communication: Maintains signal integrity in challenging environments.
  • Extended battery support: Utilizes PD protocol power banks for prolonged field operations.
  • Firmware ready: Designed for compatibility with recommended firmware versions.

Step into the future of agriculture with the DJI Agras T20P/T30 Relay Module, tailor-made to boost the signal transmission capabilities of your DJI Agriculture drones, such as the Agras T40 and T20P. This innovative relay module is your solution to overcoming signal interruptions from natural obstructions, ensuring a smooth, lag-free communication link between your drone and controller. Ideal for expansive and terrain-challenging farms, the relay module is a game-changer for operational efficiency and safety.

Key features

  • Enhanced signal transmission: Ideal for extensive agricultural lands with varying terrains.
  • Overcomes interruptions: Ensures a continuous, stable signal amidst natural obstructions.
  • Firmware support: Compatible with the latest firmware updates for peak performance.
  • Streamlined pairing: Effortless connection process for immediate operation.
  • Sustained operation: Compatible with PD protocol power banks for longer usage.
  • Flexible installation: Adaptable mounting for maximum signal transmission.

Installation & safety guidelines

Achieve the best signal transmission by mounting the relay module in a central and elevated position. Installation requires a standard tripod connector (5/8’’ screw, not included). For enhanced safety and optimal performance, position the module at least 2 meters above the crop canopy and refrain from using it during thunderstorms.

Compatibility: DJI Agras T20P/T40

1x DJI Agras T20P/T40 Relay

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