DJI Air 2S - Downward Vision Sensor Module

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  • Enhances safety and stability: Offers real-time detection of terrain and obstacles below.
  • Designed for DJI Air 2S: Ensures seamless compatibility and integration.
  • Supports precision hovering: Enables stable flights in varied environments.
  • Crucial for GPS-unreliable areas: Improves flight safety and reliability.
  • Vital for aerial photography: Helps maintain steady shots in challenging conditions.

The DJI Air 2S Downward Vision Sensor Module is an advanced safety feature designed to enhance the drone's ability to detect and avoid obstacles from below, ensuring safer and more stable landings. This module uses sophisticated sensors to provide real-time data about the terrain and obstacles beneath the drone, enabling precision hovering and enhanced flight stability, even in environments where GPS is unavailable or unreliable. Tailored specifically for the DJI Air 2S, this downward vision sensor module integrates seamlessly with the drone's system, maintaining its sleek design and functionality. Whether you're flying over complex landscapes or conducting precise aerial photography, this sensor module is essential for protecting your drone and enhancing its performance.

Compatibility: DJI Air 2S

1x DJI Air 2S - Downward Vision Sensor Module

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