DJI C8000 Intelligent Battery Station

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  • Efficient dual charging: Charges two batteries at once, boosting time efficiency.
  • 7200W fast charging: High-speed charging with adaptive power output.
  • Intelligent monitoring: Auto-adjusts charging, and maintains operation under blocked vents.
  • Safety features: Includes multiple protections and a detailed status display for safe charging.
  • DJI DB2000 compatibility: Tailored for DJI DB2000 batteries, ensuring a perfect charging fit.

The DJI C8000 Intelligent Battery Station is an advanced charging solution tailored for optimizing the charging process of DJI DB2000 Intelligent Flight Batteries, among others. Designed to support concurrent charging for up to two batteries, this station offers dual and fast charging capabilities to ensure your drones are always mission-ready. With a remarkable maximum charging power of 7200W, it adapts perfectly to standard generators, facilitating efficient and rapid charging.

The station's intelligent monitoring system diligently oversees the batteries' status, automatically adjusting the charging current as necessary to preserve battery life and performance. It is engineered to continue charging even in scenarios where ventilation is compromised, providing consistent charging operations. Users benefit from the intuitive status LEDs and a warning indicator on the operation panel for real-time monitoring and error detection.

Furthermore, the DJI C8000 allows for a USB-C connection to a remote controller, granting access to an app that offers detailed insights into errors and battery status. This feature-rich battery station not only ensures fast and efficient charging but also encompasses a suite of protective measures including overcurrent, overcharging, under-voltage, and overheating protection, along with a comprehensive status display for ultimate safety and user convenience.

Specification Detail
Compatibility DJI DB2000 Intelligent Flight Batteries
Charging Capability Concurrent dual battery charging; Fast charging for a single battery
Max Charging Power 7200W
Adaptive Voltage Compatible with standard generators
Intelligent Monitoring Monitors battery status; Auto-adjusts charging current
Ventilation Continues charging with blocked ventilation holes
Status Indicators LEDs for charging status; Warning indicator for errors
Connectivity USB-C connection to remote controller
Protection Features Overcurrent, overcharging, under-voltage, overheating protection; Status display

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