DJI M300 RTK - Right SDR Antenna Base

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BC.EN.SS0003 79.01
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  • Enhances signal stability: Supports the SDR antenna for improved communication.
  • Designed for DJI M300 RTK: Perfect fit and compatibility with your drone.
  • Critical for complex missions: Ensures reliable signal transmission and reception.
  • Durable construction: Built to withstand demanding operational conditions.
  • Easy to integrate: Simplifies installation, maintaining your drone's performance.

The DJI M300 RTK Right SDR Antenna Base is a critical component designed to support the Software-Defined Radio (SDR) antenna system on the right side of your DJI M300 RTK drone. This base is essential for maintaining strong and stable signal transmission and reception, enhancing the drone's communication capabilities with the controller and other systems. Crafted specifically for the DJI M300 RTK, it ensures seamless integration and optimal performance, contributing to the drone's reliability and efficiency during complex missions. Whether you're involved in surveying, inspection, or public safety operations, the Right SDR Antenna Base is vital for ensuring your drone's communication systems are operating at their best.

Compatibility: DJI M300 RTK

1x DJI M300 RTK - Right SDR Antenna Base

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