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Feiyu Tech Flir Vue Pro/R Gimbal

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Feiyu Tech Flir Vue Pro/R Gimbal


  • Feiyu-Tech FLIR VUE PROR Gimbal
  • Feiyu-Tech FLIR VUE PROR Gimbal
  • Feiyu-Tech FLIR VUE PROR Gimbal

Feiyu-Tech FLIR VUE PROR Gimbal

  • Feiyu-Tech FLIR VUE PROR Gimbal
  • Feiyu-Tech FLIR VUE PROR Gimbal
  • Feiyu-Tech FLIR VUE PROR Gimbal

Quick Overview

  • Universal Drone Gimbal for FLIR VUE Pro and FLIR VUE

  • 3-Axis Stabilization

  • 360-Degree Pan and Tilt Control

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Dedicated Thermal Camera Gimbal

With the growing demand for accurate thermal aerial imaging in various industries, the Feiyu-Tech FLIR Vue Pro/R Gimbal aims to be the ideal solution for mounting FLIR Vue and FLIR Vue Pro thermal cameras on most of today’s newest and most advanced UAVs. It enables you to install your state-of-the-art thermal camera onto virtually any drone and turn it into a valuable industrial tool for high-level inspections, monitoring applications, security investigations, rescue operations, and more.

Smooth, Tack-Sharp Aerial Videos and Images

Aside from securing the camera onto the aircraft, the Feiyu-Tech gimbal offers smooth image stabilization for basic camera movements. It features efficient brushless motors to deliver controlled stabilization when rolling and tilting, as well as added stabilization when panning at 360-degrees. This helps ensure perfectly smooth, blur-free aerial videos and ultra-sharp images even when the drone flies at high speeds or performs complex maneuvers.

Compatible with Popular Drone Models

The Feiyu-Tech FLIR Vue Pro/R gimbal is compatible with some of the best-selling DJI drone models, including the Inspire 1, Matrice 100, Matrice 600, as well as the Spreading Wings S900 and S1000. At the same time, as a universal gimbal, it can be set up on several fixed wing and multirotor small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAVs).

  • 1x Feiyu-Tech Gimbal for the FLIR VUE PRO/R Thermal Camera