Freewell All Day - 4K Series - 6Pack ND Filters Compatible with Evo Lite+

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  • High-Quality Optics: Freewell 4K Series delivers superior drone optics.
  • GimbalSafe Tech: Rigorous lightweight testing ensures zero gimbal impact.
  • Premium Coating: Dustproof, scratch-resistant, oilproof, color-neutral filters for top outdoor shots.
  • All-in-One Kit: ND4 to ND1000 filters in the Freewell All Day Kit, your ultimate choice.
  • Evo Lite+ Compatible: Elevate aerial photography with these compatible filters.

Freewell's 4K Series optics excel in the drone category, providing unmatched quality that surpasses or equals other brands. Their GimbalSafe technology guarantees that each filter undergoes rigorous lightweight testing, ensuring no adverse effects on your drone's gimbal. The filters feature a dustproof, scratch-resistant, oilproof, and color-neutral coating, ensuring optimal image quality for outdoor shooting. The comprehensive Freewell All Day Kit includes ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, and ND1000 filters, making it the ultimate solution for daytime video shooting—a lasting filter kit for all your needs. These filters are also compatible with Evo Lite+ drones, enhancing your aerial photography capabilities.

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