Futaba Systems S-U301 Standard Servo

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  • The S-U301 Standard Servo from Futaba is specifically designed for airplane applications.
  • It offers compatibility with both standard and S.Bus2 systems, enhancing versatility.
  • Operating at 6.6V, it achieves a speed of 0.18 seconds/60°, while at 7.4V, it operates at 0.16 seconds/60°.
  • The servo delivers impressive torque, providing 48.6 ozf/in at 6.6V and an increased 54.2 ozf/in at 7.4V.

Futaba's S-U301 Standard Servo is a digital servo designed for airplanes, featuring both standard and S.Bus2 compatibility, and it comes with an accessory pack. It operates at a speed of 0.18 seconds/60° when powered at 6.6V and at 0.16 seconds/60° at 7.4V. Additionally, it delivers a torque of 48.6 ozf/in at 6.6V and 54.2 ozf/in at 7.4V.

Specification Details
SPEED 0.18 sec/60° at 6.6V
0.16 sec/60° at 7.4V
TORQUE 3.5 kgf/cm at 6.6V (48.6 ozf/in)
3.9 kgf/cm at 7.4V (54.2 ozf/in)
SIZE 40 mm x 20 mm x 36.1 mm
1.59 in x 0.79 in x 1.42 in
WEIGHT 36 g (1.30 oz)

  • 1x Futaba Systems S-U301 Standard Servo

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