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The BRINC Global Rescue Network is a team of UAV professionals that will focus on lending technological gear and providing support to humanitarian efforts in nations all over the world. This establishment was announced by BRINC drones, which is a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The mission of the team is to aid first responders in their efforts to save lives and protect property by supplying them with knowledge and skills about drone technology. UAV pilots, engineers, and other specialists who have offered their time and resources to assist with humanitarian activities will comprise the members of the team that is being put together. The group will collaborate with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and organizations working with governments in order to offer assistance at times of natural disasters and other types of emergencies. The group will not only contribute its knowledge to the First Responders, but they will also donate equipment, including drones, to the organization.

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A Group Comprised Of Trained Experts

The BRINC team is comprised of twenty individuals, including public safety professionals, veterans of the armed forces, and current and former members of professional drone racing leagues. These team members have traveled from all over the world. They will provide the use of their equipment, manpower, and experience free of charge in order to assist in relief efforts. The crew has logged more than 10,000 hours of flying time on unmanned systems and has been to or piloted drones in more than 55 countries all over the world.

Many Use Cases

The technology has a wide range of potential applications, or use cases, that can be put to use. These include emergency response, the recovery of persons, the clearance of routes, the inspection of downed utilities, and rescue operations in environments where GPS is not available as well as underground environments. In addition, the technology can be used for HAZMAT missions, search and rescue operations, and reconnaissance of structures that are damaged or structurally unsound, all of which have the potential to save lives.

The BRINC Rescue & Relief Team is an example of how the organization's motto, "Technology in the service of public safety," is being put into practice.

"After having the incredible experience of using our drones to help war victims in Ukraine and at the Champlain Towers collapse in Florida, I realized how much more we could do if we set ourselves up for it," says Blake Resnick, the founder and CEO of BRINC, adding "that's what BRINC Philanthropy is all about."

The BRINC Rescue & Relief Team will put cutting-edge technology to work for emergency responders and crisis teams in any circumstance where the lives of innocent people are in danger. This is done with the goal of assisting in the process of saving the lives of those innocent people.

The History of BRINC

BRINC was established in the wake of the mass shooting that took place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas in October 2017, which resulted in the murder of sixty innocent people and left over five hundred other people injured. BRINC was developed as a response to the tragedy that transpired there. The very first solutions that BRINC developed employing drones had the overarching goal of reducing the danger of additional injuries and fatalities being caused by similar situations in the past.

The solutions developed by BRINC are intended to provide real-time information about the location of a threat, such as an active shooter, as well as any victims or bystanders in the vicinity of the incident. This information can be utilized to send law enforcement and first responders to the area, as well as give helpful insight into the situation.

In addition, these capabilities can be utilized to assist in the protection of large events such as concerts or sporting events by providing real-time surveillance of the surrounding region and quickly flagging potential dangers.

The technologies that have been developed by BRINC are currently being utilized by hundreds of police departments and other public safety agencies all around the country.

The Champlain Towers Tragedy

In the summer of 2021, the Special Response Team of the Miami-Dade Police Department made contact with BRINC when an unexpected collapse occurred at the Champlain Towers, which is a condominium complex located on the water in the Miami suburb of Surfside. In total, there were 98 people who died as a result of this tragedy.

Condo Collapse

The condominium building had a total of 12 floors, and the first responders who were already on the scene needed a way to investigate and check a hazardous portion of the structure that was still intact after the initial collapse. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to explore and check the unstable area. The LEMUR drone was able to provide assistance in the time-critical situation.

BRINC had a crew on the site and ready to assist in the efforts less than 18 hours after the collapse. The LEMUR ultimately discovered previously unknown structural damage that posed a risk to the first responders who were present at the scene. The LEMUR made these discoveries after completing a series of flights in environments with zero light and huge amounts of rubble.

<BRINC Team At Condo Collapse

The information that was provided by the BRINC LEMUR was essential for guiding the further procedures that the Emergency Response Team would take to ensure that there would be no additional casualties as a result of the incident.

BRINC in Ukraine

In February of 2022, BRINC made contact with emergency officials in Ukraine in order to deploy the LEMUR S for a scenario that was similar to the Florida structural collapse. Apartment buildings that had been struck by Russian missiles needed immediate search and rescue operations to be carried out. It was critical to act quickly in order to locate any residents who could have survived the attack but were buried under the rubble.

BRINC Team In Ukraine

BRINC sent teams to Poland to educate Ukrainian emergency responders and also donated ten LEMUR drone systems to the Ukrainians. They were eventually able to give the Ukrainians dozens of more systems because of the financial aid that was provided by a number of friendly partner governments from allied countries.

Looking Forward

These events, as well as the role that BRINC's technology played in assisting recovery and humanitarian efforts, inspired the company to develop and regulate a method for offering the use of its equipment, employees, and knowledge to a variety of other similar scenarios.

Once the Global Rescue Network is fully operational, the aim is to shorten the length of time necessary to respond to an emergency and deploy BRINC technology in the field.

The BRINC Global Rescue Network is a reaction to the growing need for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) support in disaster relief situations. This network is a welcome addition to the effort to make positive use of drone technology. First Responders will be able to access the resources they require to save lives and protect property as a result of BRINC's assistance.

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