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Lives Saved: A Survey of Drones In Action

Posted on March 24 2017

DJI recently released a study of lives saved by the use of drones - consumer and commercial alike. Their study shows 59 lives are confirmed to have been saved as a direct result of the use of drones. 

Roughly 34% of those confirmed 59 lives were saved through the use of consumer assistance. Basically, people who were in the right place at the right time with access to a drone stepped in to assist either rescuers or the subjects in need of assistance.

DJI explains how it got the numbers they provide with their report and clarify that they have left a significant number of possible situations in which lives have been saved by drones. Situations they did not count towards their total included times that drones were involved, but not documented clearly enough to ensure that drones directly impacted the survival of the subject.

Image Courtesy DJI

"The clear conclusion is that drones are regularly saving lives around the world. This is occurring even though professional rescue crews are just beginning to adopt UAS technology, and in many cases are relying on bystanders or volunteers to provide lifesaving assistance. Many countries do not yet have a comprehensive regulatory framework for professional drone use that allows drones to routinely be used in emergencies. DJI is at the forefront in efforts to develop best practices and optimal standards for firefighters, rescue services and other first responders to integrate drones into their command protocols. As these efforts continue, we expect the number of lives saved by drones to continue to grow." -DJI's Conclusion from Lives Saved

While bystanders counted for a significant amount of the operators involved in these situations, please do not run out and fly your drone around first responders in an attempt to help. Work together with the person in command of the incident to offer help involving your drone. 

You can download the 6-page PDF report HERE.
Download link acquired directly from DJI's Website.

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