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Tech Rundown - Brinc Lemur

The Brinc Lemur is a powerful aircraft that has already proven itself to be a solid asset for law enforcement entities around the country. Let’s take a look at the tech that gives this drone – and its’ users – the ultimate tactical advantage.

Batteries and Staying Power

BRINC Lithium-Ion batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries charge quickly and provide over 30 minutes of flight.

The Lemur uses novel battery technology to ensure a best-in-class flight time of up to 31 minutes. In addition, users can charge the batteries up to 95% in only 45 minutes, so the Lemur can get back to the mission that much quicker than with conventional methods. For the ultimate staying power: take advantage of the Lemur’s 10-hour perch time to ensure you continuously have eyes and ears on the situation and ready to fly at a moment’s notice. Dangerous and lengthy negotiations can be conducted safely with the aid of the Lemur.


Durable Tactical Drone

Lightweight but surprisingly strong nylon reinforced carbon fiber make the Lemur a durable tactical drone.

The Lemur’s props are fully enclosed and the drone body and ducts are made from carbon fiber reinforced PA6 nylon. Pushing open doors and colliding with objects is not a problem for the Lemur – it was built for it. The Lemur’s rugged build and IP24 rating mean that this aircraft can survive falls from 40 feet and fly in light snow and rain. The Lemur is intended to operate in enclosed spaces so it can  bump into walls, break through glass, flip itself over after a crash, and continue to fly. The lightweight construction of this craft makes it easy to carry to a mission location and quick to deploy.

Flight and Navigation

BRINC Lidar Sensors

Lidar sensors make maneuvering in enclosed spaces easy.

Fast-paced missions are not a problem for the Lemur, as it can fly at speeds up to 50 MPH. Maneuverability is no stranger to this drone as it can easily handle accelerations of up to 3 Gs. And though it’s built to take a beating, its LIDAR technology complements its maneuverability – ensuring that unnecessary collisions are avoided even in tight indoor environments. 

The Lemur is designed to aid in the collection of situational data at a moment’s notice. Having this information is invaluable to public safety officers. The speed, maneuverability, and navigational software of the Lemur can easily translate to saved lives and successful missions.

Imaging and Data Transmission

High-powered integrated IR LEDs

Powerful, clear imaging in low light environments provides situational awareness in dangerous locations.

The Lemur features interchangeable camera payloads, including a 1080p, 60 FPS high/low light capable camera sensor, wide FOV IR sensitive main lens, an integrated night-vision optics switcher, high-powered integrated IR LEDs, and an ambient light sensor. All this imaging power means that the drone can see perfectly in every lighting condition – including truly zero light. High-penetration wireless signals mean that the Brinc Lemur can transmit feeds with a line of sight transmission range over 8 miles – keeping the operator at a safe distance while also giving them the data they need.

Two-Way Communication

An on-board set of two ultra-sensitive condenser microphones on the Lemur ensures that you hear human voices, footsteps, and doors closing up to 100 feet away. Its’ powerful, integrated speakers can get your message across from up to 500 feet away. This communication ability is critical for coordinating with your team, search and rescue efforts, and negotiation.

Minimal Downtime

All of the Lemur’s parts are modular and are easily replaceable in the field. Brinc has removed pesky, mandatory software updates that will prevent you from flying the drone immediately. These make for invaluable features that save time in emergencies. In addition to the hardware, onboard software makes take-offs quick and efficient. The Brinc does not use GPS meaning your mission will not be compromised by GEO Fencing, pesky software updates, or other issues. The Brinc Lemur can be deployed in any situation in under 60 seconds!

Tactical Gear

BRINC Window Breacher Payload

Made of tungsten steal, the Window Breacher payload can safely smash through reinforced and automobile glass.

Accessories such as the Payload Dropper allow the Lemur to deliver any object weighing less than one pound – whether it’s tactical gear or life-saving supplies such as food and medicine. The industry-first star feature of the Lemur is the Window Breacher or Glass Breaker – allowing the drone entry into vehicles and structures.

Final Thoughts

The Brinc Lemur has been designed and built from the ground up with the needs of law enforcement, military, and search and rescue in mind. The Lemur is here to answer your call for a tough and flexible force-multiplying aircraft. We at Dronefly are thrilled about the capabilities of this craft.

Watch our brand new video about the Brinc Lemur HERE!

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