Hitec RCD Inc. D646WP Standard Digital High Torque Waterproof Metal Gear Servo, HRC36646

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  • Pioneering IP67-Rated Waterproof Casing
  • Robust Three-Pole Ferrite Motor
  • Sturdy Metal Gear Train Featuring MP First Gear
  • Output Shaft Supported by Dual Ball Bearings
  • Compatible with 7.4v 2-Cell LiPo Batteries
  • Equipped with Standard Programmable Digital Circuitry

This servo, the D646WP, is designed to be waterproof, making it suitable for various applications such as radio control vehicles, airplanes, and robots that require water resistance. It offers high torque, features dual ball bearings, and incorporates metal gears, earning it an IP67 rating, which signifies its exceptional durability and reliability in wet conditions. Whether you're using it in a power boat, off-road terrain, underwater robotics, or for water landings, the D646WP ensures dependable performance.

Key Features:

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating: This servo is among the industry's first to achieve an IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring protection against water and moisture.
  • Strong Motor: Equipped with a robust three-pole ferrite motor for reliable performance.
  • Metal Gear Train: Features a metal gear train with MP first gear, enhancing durability and power transmission.
  • Dual Ball Bearings: Supports the output shaft with dual ball bearings for smooth and stable operation.
  • 2-Cell LiPo Compatibility: Capable of handling 7.4v 2-cell LiPo batteries.
  • Programmable Digital Circuitry: Standard programmable digital circuitry for customizable servo settings.

Programmable Functions Include:

  • End Point Adjustments
  • Direction Control
  • Fail-Safe Settings
  • Dead Band Adjustment
  • Speed Control (Slower)
  • Data Save/Load
  • Program Reset

Additionally, there are optional accessories available for servicing, including steel gear sets, metal/plastic 1st gear sets, and plastic/aluminum case sets. This servo is compatible with various applicable horns for different applications.

In summary, the D646WP waterproof servo is a durable and reliable choice for tasks that involve exposure to water and moisture. Its IP67 rating, strong motor, metal gears, and programmable features make it a versatile and dependable option for radio control enthusiasts.

D646WP Servo Specifications

Performance Specifications
Operating Voltage Range (Volts DC) 6.0V ~ 7.4V
Speed (Second @ 60°) 0.24 ~ 0.16
Maximum Torque Range oz. / in. 105 ~ 162
Maximum Torque Range kg. / cm. 7.5 ~ 11.6
Current Draw at Idle 30 mA
No Load Operating Current Draw 330 mA
Stall Current Draw 2,200 mA
Dead Band Width 4 µs
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (Inches) 1.65 x 0.83 x 1.57
Dimensions (Metric) 41.8 x 21.0 x 40.0
Weight (Ounces) 2.15
Weight (Gram) 61.0
Circuit Type G1 Programable Digital
Motor Type 3 Pole Metal Brush Ferrite
Gear Material Metal
Bearing Type Dual Ball Bearing
Output Shaft (type / Ømm) Standard 24
Case Material Plastic
Dust / Water Resistance IP 67
Connector Gauge (AWG) / Strand Count 22 / 60
Radio Control Applications
Parkflyer N / A
Sport Plane 12 - 15 lbs.
Sailplane 2 meter and up
3D Performance 12 - 15 lbs.
Scale 12 - 15 lbs.
Electric Helicopter 600mm
Gas Helicopter 50-59 Class
On Road 1/10th
Monster Truck 1/10th
Buggies 1/10th
Truggies 1/10th
Short Course / Truck 1/10th
Crawlers 1/10th
Sail Boat = >1 meter & Scale
Power Boat 1/10th

1x Hitec RCD Inc. D646WP Standard Digital High Torque Waterproof Metal Gear Servo, HRC36646

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