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Skyzimir Stork

Payload Drop System for DJI Inspire 1

$ 139.99

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STORK Payload drop system is designed to help your aircraft deliver a package up to 800g of weight. With a mass of 37g it adds very little to the weight of your payload, allowing for a more efficient delivery. Its resilient design and structure keep your STORK system intact and your payload secured for drop-off and pick-up.

Skyzimir STORK is fully compatible with all DJI Inspire 1 models with the X3 and X5 vibration absorbtion plate and with the X3, Z3 and XT cameras ONLY.

This product includes the following item(s):

- 1-2-3 guide for 3 minutes installation of the STORK onto your aircraft
- STORK payload drop system (in black or grey, whichever is available)
- Allen key and screws


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